Please Fasten your Seatbelts while Spirit Science Changes Polarities: –> The Three Days of Darkness

troanodocumentThe three days of darkness is a concept about the polarity shift of the electromagnetic fields around the Planet. The shift in frequency is so great, that the earth actually passes through a void space in transition between one space, and the next. During this time, as it is written in ancient hieroglyphics (See the Troano Document, or watch the video below), that you experience a blackness for 3 days. Some even say that you lose sense of your body entirely and just float in an empty meditational space with your mind and your mind alone for 3 days…

Now, I know.. This all seems like fluffy gibberish. And It’s true, we don’t have the scientific evidence to suggest the earth will do this anytime soon. That’s a whole part about a polarity shift – you never know when its going to happen. Who knows, maybe the ancients were full of crap, and it’s not going to happen at all, ever! That’s completely possible.  It’s easy to dismiss it as nonsense… But for me, I prefer a “Well lets wait and see!” sort of attitude.

If you would like to learn more about the 3 days of Darkness, check out this video here.

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And watch out… Because regardless of Earth going through a supposed 3 Days of Darkness, we’re going to manufacture one as Spirit Science changes its Frequency!!!

That’s right. Over the next 3 days, Spirit Science will go through a Polarity Shift, starting with 3 Days of Darkness, before beginning a new Era of 1000 Years of Light! Watch and see what takes place, and stay tuned… There is going to be something special on the other side!

Much love!
Jordan Pearce

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  1. do you think there is a connection between the 3 1/2 days of darkness and the varying stories of christ? son ( sun) of god?

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