FOR THOSE WHO CARE: What Do You Really Want To See On Spirit Science?

Hey you there!

Yes, you in the back who’s truly been moved by Spirit Science for what it was, still is, and is evolving to; you haven’t really gotten to see the evolution of this seed. What we’re creating is so much more than just entertainment, digital content, or something to generate revenue. The exact details of what we’re creating are actually being talked about in real time, right here. 

Unlocking this site is simple, all it takes is the willingness to expand.

We are in the early stages of our seed growing, and Spirit Science has changed a lot over the years. We don’t have teams of people to animate, reply to emails, coordinate workshops or properly engage with our audience!

Spirit Science should be used as a tool, a digital library, the most reliable source of information out there. We’re still trying to create that. We need teams of investigative reporters, doctors, journalists and scientists, spreading the truth for the benefit of mankind. There’s only so much 3 people can do.


So I ask you who desires change,

you who have been moved, helped or completely transformed by Spirit Science,

what do you want to see? 


Spirit Science has changed from a small community, to a large page for the masses. So, what kind of content are you actually interested in seeing?

If you want to know anything on energy, lucid dreaming, kundalini awakenings, soul mates, manifestation, the law of attraction, aliens, the benefits of meditation, how to do this, that, or the other thing; we’ve got you covered.

What’s next? 

Amazing scientific discoveries, medical anomalies, mind-blowing realizations, more proof of psychic ability, life after death, strange government happenings, stories of inspiration?!



[email protected]

Send me articles you’ve found to be incredible. And I mean like a wow-you-had-to-close-the-computer-and-reconstruct-your-understanding-of-life-incredible. They’re out there, and that means something different to everyone, which is the beauty of it!

Please don’t send me something you’ve written that you find amazing. I want something you found that really shifted your perception, made you feel emotions so strongly or compelled you into some sort of action!

For those who truly want to see a better world, this is for you.

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