The Difference Between the 3 Kinds of Energetic Bodies

Everything is energy. Our dense, physical bodies are fundamentally made out of tiny spinning geometries that generate energy. Reality is not as it seems, and humanity is finally waking up collectively to fully understand these concepts. There are layers of energy around us, and the more sensitive we become, the more we will be able to distinguish between different energies.   

The Gross Body:

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 7.46.22 PMThe Gross body is the physical body that is made up of the 5 fundamental elements  i.e., space, air, fire, water and earth and is subject to a sixfold change ( birth, subsistence, growth, maturity, decay, and death).

This is the dense, physical body we all know.

Physical manifestation resides in the Gross body which of course needs food, water and air to survive. At death the physical body perishes and its five constituent elements are dissolved. This isn’t true for the higher layers of our energetic bodies. They exist at a higher frequency, free from the bonds of physicality.

The Subtle Body or Astral Body 

The Subtle or astral body is where the mind and intellect exists. The mental body or the mind is the seat of our feelings, emotions and desires. It carries in it countless  impressions from this life and previous experiences. It is made up of three parts, The conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious mind. 

maxresdefaultThe energy channels exist in this subtle medium through a fine merger into the physical medium. This is the “vital body” and the prototype and reflection of the physical body. It comes into existence before the physical body as the latter is built and formed upon and around it.

In the internal astral body, there are counterparts of organs outside. They are called astral senses. A yogi hears through astral ears and sees through astral eyes. Thus he can hear sounds from distant lands, he can see objects in distant localities. This is called  clairaudience (the power to hear sounds said to exist beyond the reach of ordinary experience or capacity). After the death of a being, the soul cannot leave the gross body without a vehicle of some kind. This vehicle is the  subtle body.


Causal body 

soul-shutterstock-169802639-WEBONLYThis body is a medium which connects the consciousness in the individual to the Universal consciousness. All experiences are stored in the “Causal body”, as this body carries the information and knowledge obtained through the experience of the all.

Once the soul is completely detached from its causal body it can choose to get merged into Source Consciousness.

The soul never needs to come back to the world again unless it consciously desires to come back. It is not actually a body, but a state of being that encompasses all experiences. In this state you have all knowledge and understanding because it is simply an extension of your awareness.


By: Naveen Kumar 

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