16 Qualities of A Conciously Aware, Modern Day Hippy

The hippy era was a time of spiritual awakening and freedom from conformity. Hippies were known to go against the grain of society’s expectations, and most of them were well awake.

Though consciousness goes much deeper than the list below, here are some clues that may suggest you too are a conscious minded hippy.

You Pay Attention to Your Breath:  The number of times you consciously take a deep breath might be more often than those around you, and not necessarily because you’re stressed, but because you are aware of the importance of breathing.shutterstock_311531093

Alone Time is Perfectly OK With You: Ah yes, there’s no time like alone time. You value your alone time and genuinely enjoy it. Alone time is a break from the energies of the people around you, which can sometimes be challenging to ingest.

You Give Zero F@#ks: You do what you want and you no longer allow others to influence how you live. Your life is led by your hunger to grow and the desire to expand your mind, rather than inauthentic fillers.

You Are Not a Fan of Planning: You’re tired of the question, “So what are your plans for the future?” You much prefer to go with the flow and see what happens.  The word “maybe” is a word you use often.

Working a Job You Hate is Soul-Sucking: You have either stopped working at a job you loathe or you’re on your way, because its simply unbearable to spend time doing something you don’t like.

Essential Oils Make Up Your Medicine Cabinet: Essential oils replace every bottle of pills in your medicine cabinet because you believe in healing your body naturally. You also know essential oils are magical when it comes to balancing your chakras.shutterstock_263608211

Nature is Bliss: You know that any time you need answers, you can count on Mother Nature to help unveil them. There is a sense of stillness in nature and you cherish the moments spent there.

You Question Everything: Whether its western medicine, the mass production of food, the ingredients found in toothpaste, the education system, etc…you aren’t falling for it. You are awake and aware of the robotic systems that have been put in place to keep us asleep.

You Have Compassion for all Creatures: You no longer see a fly as “just a fly.” You may dream of a world where animals run wildly, and posses the freedom to choose their own destiny.

Living in a Tiny Eco-Friendly Home Excites You: It isn’t necessary for you to live in a big house filled with materialistic possessions, and you would be perfectly content in a small eco-friendly home.

Like this one

You May Question Your Sexuality: Gender identity seems to fade away and you start believing you can love anyone despite their gender, because at the end of the day, there’s nothing sexier than an enlightened mind.

You Laugh to Yourself Often: The universe has a funny sense of humour.


Yoga and Meditation Have Changed Your Life: If it were up to you, yoga and meditation would be something every human being practised. You treat your mind and body like a temple and honour the model you were given.

Processed Food is a Thing of the Past- You read the labels of everything you eat and buy organic or local food. You understand that unsustainable food is detrimental to the well being of humans, animals and the environment.

Presence is a Must: You know a sure way to get your ego to pipe down, is to bring awareness to your body, while focusing on what is happening in the present moment. Presence allows you to live with an unclouded mind and gives you the ability to separate your thoughts from what is real.

You Own Crystals: Why wouldn’t you? A crystal isn’t just a crystal as a tree isn’t just a tree.

Bonus Point-You Love Yourself: You love every ounce of you, and find yourself to be perfectly loveable exactly the way you are. When in doubt, you hug yourself and whisper the words “I love you.”

If You Have Experienced All of These Signs:

Hooray! You’re most likely a conscious minded hippy, which means you are experiencing a spiritual awakening and are free from conformity. You are probably also aware that this news excites your ego ;)

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