8 Uses for Honey That Replace The Need For Modern Medicine

Over the years, we have neglected the use of natural ingredients for health, healing and wellness. We have forgotten that our ancestors managed to make it through life for 1000s of years with practically nothing but themselves and nature. How could humans evolve so successfully over the millennia, yet the modern man relies on everything and anything but themselves?

The Hidden Facts of Our Liquid Gold Honey

This is only 1 ingredient in an endless amount on our planet, but let me run through many of the benefits this has. If you so desired, you have the ability of creating your own everlasting replenishing supply in your own backyard.

Allergies are suppressed with Honey

honey1Honey has a tremendous amount of anti-inflammatory properties and many state it can act as a natural vaccine against many ailments.

How is this the case? Natural honey will contain pollen and when ingested, the body will develop antibodies against this as a foreign substance.

As these antibodies build up, it permits the ability to unleash an effective immune response should an actual harmful intruder invade the body.

Wash Your Face with Honey

Manuka_honey_in_a_bowlWashing your face with honey is better than the millions of skin/face treatments out there.

Loaded with antibacterial, fungal and inflammatory properties, the face is cleansed, nourished and cleaned like never before.

Simply apply to the face for a few minutes before washing off. Check out the different recipes for face washes here.

Honey Can Make Your Drink an Energizer

As a natural unprocessed sugar, the direct supply of glucose and fructose to the body can implode an energy burst when required, especially when endurance is compulsory.

Memory Boost for the Brain

honey2With an overload of antioxidants, cellular damage and loss of brain cells is severely reduced allowing the brain to thrive and develop.

A 2011 study has demonstrated this and to summarize; the results concluded that women who consumed 20 grams of honey a day had better short term memory than women who didn’t.


Prevent a Chesty Cough

Have a cold/cough that has you in bed feeling rubbish 24 hours a day? Try taking 2 teaspoons of honey. The thick viscous consistency of honey helps lubricate the throat, inhibit any friction during coughs and actually prevents coughing due to the stimulated nerve endings being excited by the sweet nectar taste.

Trouble Sleeping? No More

With the sweetness of honey causing a rise in insulin and a release of serotonin which in turn stimulates happiness, then the body naturally converts a happy self’s serotonin into melatonin. When this conversion happens, the melatonin regulates the quality of sleep.

Itchy Scalp with Dandruff40 amazing uses of honey

There is nothing worse than an itchy scalp. In fact there is. An itchy scalp, that when scratched, leads to a wave of dandruff hitting the collar of your shirt.

When you apply diluted honey to the scalp for a number of hours, the itch will magically dissipate.

Not only this, but honey can even help with hair loss as well. How is this so? Honey is packed with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and by cleansing the pores, permits the scalp to breathe (in essence).

Wounds and Burn Pain Relief

Honey being a natural antibiotic can treat wounds and burns by disinfecting. How do we apply this solution? Simple; just rub it on the affected area and leave for some time before rubbing it off.

What Honey Should You Use?

organic-raw-honeyThe cheap honey that has been pasteurized on shop shelves is what not to use.

Raw honey is your number one choice and your only choice.

The pasteurized variety has been treated in a way that has removed any benefits the natural form has.

All these benefits can be achieved with a single natural ingredient.

Think about this before you go to the shops looking for something that may or may not work, is expensive and loaded with other detrimental ingredients.

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