5 Reminders On Staying Positive When Surrounded By Negativity

With the unfortunate truth that is some people just cannot find any means to be positive whatsoever, do not despair. Your positivism is more than valid when it comes to these circumstances. Even if it’s a negative family member or friend, there’s a lot to take into consideration as to how you want to live your life with that person or people.

Here are 6 reminders on how you can stay positive even around excessively negative people.

1. Only You Can Make You Happylove what you do

The biggest reminder when it comes to negative people is that only you can make you happy. This means that regardless of what anything that anyone says to you, that you are the voice of reason within your own head.

You decide on what makes you happy and what makes you sad. No other person can make you feel this way but yourself.

So the next time someone says something terrible to you, just remember that their opinion has no validation unless you want it to.

2. Focus On Yourself

When dealing with negative people, sometimes you must refocus your thoughts and actions all on you. Don’t do anything for the other person that is making you feel miserable. You matter most when it comes to your happiness and don’t deserve to be treated in such a way that makes you feel less than who you are.

3. Reduce Interactions

Tunnel-Of-Love-In-Ukraine-449x304If you have to constantly see this person every single day, then try to reduce all interactions with this person at all times.

If they truly are the bane of your existence, find ways throughout the day to make yourself happy and nonplussed by the other person.

Whatever sorrow or woes that they project onto you means nothing in the end. You are the sun and moon regardless of what they say or do.

4. Talk To Someone Who Listens To You

Just by having a friend, family member, or therapist can greatly reduce the negativity one can feel from someone. Being able to express your fury, sorrow, or anything else to someone who cares can be very rewarding to your mental health.

5. Decide To Be Positive AnywaysLive-your-dreams-katerinalover-29523198-500-332

Regardless of whatever negativeness that happens to cross your path, make the conscious decision to remain positive anyways.

Showing them that you are un-phased by their words and actions will display your ward against evil doers such as them.

Being your own light in a pit of darkness is sometimes all you have left. In which case, you are the hero that saves the day from horrible people that treat your poorly.

Hopefully these reminders aid you in your everyday battle against negativeness.

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  1. I am my own hero and people think Im weird because of that but I don’t have a choice. I have to fight everyday and refocus myself. I have to strait up and down ignore them. But when I get my mind off it . It’s well worth it.

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