10 Powerful Affirmations To End The Day On a Positive Note

Let’s face it, we will often dwell over what we perceive as failures and ‘could haves’ at the end of the day.

Whether you didn’t find time for the yoga routine, ate unhealthy food that left you feeling miserable, or just plain forgot something important, not every day will be marked a ‘success’ by the high standards we often hold for ourselves.

Here are 10 affirmations to help you overcome the past (hey, you can’t change it!) and get ready for a healing sleep and brighter tomorrow!

1. I Am Worthy of Self-Love.The-Four-Myths-of-Self-Compassion

If you don’t love yourself, who will? Sure, you’re feeling down, perhaps sluggish or lacking self-esteem.

But say these three words to yourself anyway:

“I love you.”

2. Beauty Surrounds Me.

If you had a day full of experiences you think were negative, when you close your eyes at night think of everything that is good in your life. You probably have friends and loved ones that you can lean on.

There are countless examples of the infinite beauty of life in the everyday. If you can honor this, it will do wonders for how you perceive your next day, and days to come.

3. I Believe In Myself.

self-love-womanYou can accomplish what you want in life!

Always remember that you are a powerful manifester, but only if you have faith in yourself.

4. I Am A Vital, Luminescent Light Being.

According to the Law of Attraction, the first step to health, happiness, abundance, or any other goal is picturing yourself as happy, healthy or abundant. Using this, you can reinforce where you are headed, rather than where you are not or were not.

So instead of dragging yourself through the mud about your bad day, why not turn it around and picture yourself floating in the clouds?

5. I Am Seeking Inner Peace.Higher-Self6

Sometimes it can feel like our days are full of chaos and out of our control. What better time than that to seek the stillness that always exists inside of you?

There is nothing outside of yourself that can bring you that peace, so close your eyes, practice deep breathing, and let a calming sleep come to you.

6. I Already Have Everything I Need.

Do you have food, water and shelter? Well, you’re already quite a bit more fortunate than so many people out there. Our lives are full of things to be thankful for, but they become so much a part of the everyday that it’s easy to take them for granted. Here’s your chance to recognize that you are wealthy, and that you are somebody. No need to try to become someone.

7. I’m On My Own Journey.

thetreeoflifeitselfThis is important. We often become jealous because we see people who have things we think we want, or are who we think we want to be.

Try to remember that you are in a category all your own, and that your own worth can’t be measured up against the perception of someone else.

It’s not fair to them, or yourself. You are here for a reason, and it’s not necessarily for the same purpose as others’.

8. I Deserve To Be Loved.

Everyone comes into this place of existence deserving of an abundance of love and joy. Not every day will reflect this though. But by repeating this affirmation, you will start to see the love and joy flowing through your life.

9. I Am Thankful For Loved Ones.

“I get by with a little help from my friends.” We can confide in someone we love when things seem down, and receive a little uplift just from their presence, or hearing their voice. Don’t forget to express your gratitude for them.

10. Today, I Did My Best.butterfly silent-unaffected-self-within

Whatever your perceived failures of the day, try not to blame yourself. We can’t always accomplish everything we want to, and often hold ourselves to impossible standards. It’s not like you didn’t make an effort.

Besides, what you achieved (or didn’t achieve) is perfect, and in line with your own path through existence.

Sometimes, through lack of success, we get to where we need to be and learn what we need to learn. It couldn’t have happened any other way. Let the universe be your guide.


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