6 Negative Emotions You Stop Experiencing When You’re Spiritually Open

Opening up to spirituality is one of the best things for your overall physical health and well-being. Also, you will notice magical things happening in your life.

While it’s easy to see what you gain from harnessing your inner god or goddess, what you lose is as important, if not more so. In this article, we want to discuss the things that are shed when one is awakened spiritually. These are all natural feelings, and we shouldn’t expect to never experience them again, just that we not are equipped with the tools to better handle them.

Don’t think that just because you are a more enlightened version of yourself, the road has ended for you. We all have a life to live, experiences to gain, and a destiny to be had. We will experience trials, but here are six feelings you’ll experience a lot less.


o-COUPLE-FIGHTING-facebookThe road to spirituality is a very conscious path. It enables us to be present, to live in the now, and to take a breath when the going gets tough.

Anger, on the other hand, is a reaction brought on by your subconscious. You’re not carefully considering a response here.

While you may still experience anger as a spiritually open person, at least you can allow the conscious brain to take care of it. This way we aren’t merely reacting.



Setting and attaining goals in life is a frightening proposition, as It forces us out of our comfort zones.

Even going through a normal day, however, can be scary. We never know what’s going to happen in life, but an enlightened person is more open to the endless possibilities that are out there.

The most poignant fear might be that of failure.

However, those who are spiritually awakened can accept that failure will happen sometimes. Also, they are not necessarily failures, but things that had to happen to get where we are now!


When you’re living in spirit, you are more in touch with who you are. All those outside influences that are so tough to ignore have been forgotten. Who we are is no longer dictated by society or others. When you know yourself, you won’t go against your true nature because you have a strong connection to yourself and the values that are important to you.


Divorce-and-SeparationIt is natural to get a little green with envy when you see someone reach a goal that you might share.

Also, if someone gets what you really want, it’s easy to feel jealous. Your intentions toward that person can be good but still feel that way.

On the other hand, the one living a spiritual life will find joy in the success of others. We admire the people who have achieved their goals or accomplished something important to them.

This helps to remove any lingering or unconscious bad intent. Also, this will motivate ourselves to reach our own goals to see others succeed in theirs.


There will always be people who rub you the wrong way. Sometimes people choose evil instead of good. They haven’t realized that there is a path that is healthier. Think of it this way, instead of allowing them too much a portion of your thought.

Sometimes, we hate because we see someone else’s negativity as similar to a struggle we’re having. Those who are awakened have a mirror they can hold up to themselves, rather than someone else. Enlightened people have compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness for those who struggle with negative emotions.


Spirituality allows us to be one with our true purpose. You experience a lot less anxiety when you are living life on your own terms.

Anxiety comes into play when we’re living a life that we are not connected to: working jobs that aren’t within our own truth, having acquaintances not aligned with our sensibilities, and spending time doing things we don’t want to be doing.

Part of spirituality is also being able to calm down and center, which is the antithesis of anxiety!

Are you on a spiritual path? What have YOU lost, and why was it a good thing?

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