Cracking The DaVinci Code: Understanding How Everything is Connected

Do you remember the movie Men in Black, where the aliens are rolling around marbles and when the alien picks one up, you see that there are millions of galaxies inside each one?

Hold onto that thought.

In 1901, Richard Maurice Bucke released a book titled Cosmic Consciousness and in it he explained that everything is composed of an all-encompassing immanent God.

Meaning that the universe itself, is a living organism and each planetary body has its own consciousness that is linked to the cosmic consciousness of the all.

golden ratioThroughout his work, you are opened up to the patterns. Once you see the pattern you begin to understand where you are in existence.
It starts with the Golden Ratio that you would find in flowers, pine cones, and sea shells and moves on to roots of trees, thunderbolts of lightning, and tornadoes.

This understanding can be applied to the microcosm and macrocosm for you science minded folks. As it signifies seeing the same patterns reproduced on all levels of the cosmos. From the largest scale to the smallest scale, the macrocosm represents the universe and the microcosm represents the small sub atomic at even metaphysical levels.
Let’s think on that for a bit and move on.

Just as each and everyone one of us are a conscious living breathing ecosystem, so is the earth.
If each planet has its own consciousness (granted it would much larger than ours) we can begin to understand ancient mythology.

Planets themselves have been worshipped for centuries just as the sun and moon are worshipped in many religions.
There have been many names given for these planets throughout time but for simplicity we will give the Greek Mythology of the planetary bodies.

godSaturn known as Kronos—The father
Jupiter known as Zeus
Neptune known as Poseidon
Pluto known as Hades
Uranus ancient Roman Deity (earliest supreme God)
Venus known as Aphrodite
Mars known as Ares the Ancient God of War
Mercury known as Hermes

When we dig deeper into these accounts we find many depictions of the wars of the Gods and Titans and there is even a story of Saturn attempting to swallow his children whole, for fear of being overthrown from his reign.

Let’s keep going

From the Kaballistic view point, the Tree of Life depicts each chakra on its system as being associated to one of the planets in our solar system.

If you think of each solar system alike to a chakra system or tree of life, then you can see how each grouping has a solar plexus, represented by its sun like the system of a solar body.
You can recognize each God head in the solar system by its sun. The next closest sun is Sirius and the god head is unknown.

multiverse3Now we arrive at, mother earth– our home. Earth is commonly known as Gaia and she too following this model, would have her own consciousness.
So the question we need to ask is, is she aware of us? Is she tuned in and does she feel her inhabitants?

We can answer these questions by asking ourselves– are you aware of the consciousness of your heart? How about your lungs? Your reproductive system? Are you aware of every single one of the millions of cells that make up your body?

Welcome to Ascension!

As mother earth ascends, sweeping waves of heightened awareness flows into her heart through her chakra system and into every cell of her being—us, you and me!

As this happens, you too become aware of your physical being, the consciousness of your entire body and the cells that inhabit you. You essentially are a walking living breathing planetary system and as above so below the chakras on your body can viewed as to galaxies, on the body of God.

Are you wondering yet how this links to the Davinci Code?

Solving the Riddle Cracking the Code the Davinci CodeLeonardo Davinci drew much more than just proportions of the human anatomy in his famous drawing Vitruvian Man. He depicted the physical and spiritual self, represented by the two sets of arms and legs. The physical self, encompassed by a square, and the spiritual- metaphysical self, encompassed by the circle or dome of the earth.

What we understand now is what he has truly drawn is a cell. The nucleus of a cell made in the image of his creator. The interior being the protoplasm and the Atom changed throughout the ages to arrive at “Adam”.
When we talk about our aura and our auric field, we can relate this to the protoplasm of a cell. The energy that resides between you and the cell wall of your being.

Your third eye chakra transmits and receives information like a light projector from the back of your skull to the front of your forehead to create your own reality; that you perceive as it rebounds information from your cell wall back through your eyes to your mind. This is what we would call the Ether, the unknown 5th element.

The Big Bang Theory
Known as the leading explanation of the origin of the universe, this theory states that the universe began from a point of singularity that has expanded over billions of years.

Scientists are using atom smashing to try and ignite the same effect as the big bang.

So imagine this: two “atoms” coming together and they create all of existence, the entire universe, this would mean that two beings (of incomprehensible size and consciousness) came together and birthed the universe as we know it.
Star-BabyHere is what science is missing– each and every time two people come together and make a child, it is to the same effect, yet on a much smaller scale. We are in fact witnessing and a part of the birth of creation of the big bang every single day and in every single moment.

If you follow any of Michio Kaku’s work, take notice that recent scientific exploration is pointing to planets being born. Yes, planets are being birthed like a baby and they are looking for proof of the umbilical cord.
If you doubt this understanding, then try asking yourself, what does it look like when two cells under a microscope merge and multiply to produce a third?

Connecting to source gives the understanding that you are God because you are a part of God, made in the image of your creator. In fact a single cell, or Atom that exists inside of the mind and body of god. Plants, animals, and insects can then be viewed as extensions of yourself.

We understand that we are a part of everything, and everything is one. Yes we are only a small cell in the grand scale of the systems and galaxies, but we are a reflection of the larger the cosmic consciousness.

So let’s get back to Men in Black

As we know, the definition of a chakra is a spinning wheel or vortex of energy and so the chakras on your body can be viewed as to galaxies on the body of the All.

The limitless of everything in existence we simply cannot fathom and the depiction given by the aliens and the marbles is the closest to the truth that we can imagine especially as we know now, that each planet just in our system has its own body of consciousness.

Oxygen Volume 14So if you can imagine the hugest human body in cosmic proportion than you can begin to see, how God encompasses the entire universe, expressed by planets, moons, suns and galaxies.

The awakening is understanding that you are a part of God like a single cell on your body that finally sees it is a part of you.


by LJ Vanier

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