If You Are Looking For The Most Hypnotic Video Ever Then You Just Found It!


This is definitely one of the most entertaining videos you will watch today! It’s almost a psychedelic experience.  Gustavo Ollitta is not a magician, but he certainly makes it seem as though he is.  Loaded with just two s-staffs and a bunch of talent, he successfully created one of the most hypnotic videos ever.

He spins and manipulates two black and white colored s-staffs to create an optical illusion known as the “visual kaleidoscope”.  Quite the illusion this is.

One moment the rotating staffs look like tentacles dancing out of his hands and the very next moment they take the shape of a flower.  It’s a amazing how someone can turn two staffs into an enchanting piece of art.  Enjoy your trance!

Source: Shareable.tv

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