Leave it to Walt Disney to share Sacred Geometry through Donald Duck in this Totally Epic Cartoon!

On June 26th 1959, Disney released a short cartoon documentary titled “Donald in Mathmagic Land.” This video tells the story of our well known childhood cartoon pal Donald Duck, being lead by the True Spirit of Adventure who guides him on his journey through “The World of MathMagic Land.”

Walt Disney explains the creation of this as being for educational purposes when he says, “The cartoon is a good medium to stimulate interest. We have recently explained mathematics in a film and in that way excited the public in this very important subject.”

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Several minutes in, the musical relation of math is shared with Donald through musical scale, and our feathery childhood friend ends up in a Jam sesh with the Greek mathematician Pythagoras. (That part is not included in the particular clip we are sharing, but we encourage you to check out the full documentary here)

This group is described as a secret club of “Eggheads,” whose symbolic emblem is in fact the Pentagram. Sort of a nudge to the Masonic organizations of the world. After the musical gathering ends, Pythagoras then shakes Donald’s hand, vanishes, and immediately following, it is then shown that upon Donald’s hand, a pentagram has now been imprinted. Soon afterwards, a lesson taught by The Spirit ensues, and the Golden “Magical proportions of the pentagram are unveiled to him!

And now, if you too would enjoy the secrets of Sacred Geometry revealed to you…  We have another cartoon for you, (one that we made!) that takes Donalds revelations, and flips them on their head several hundred times ;) Check it out below!



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