The Science of the Hollow Earth Theory

The hollow earth theory is an incredible legend that is still yet to be understood by the world today. Is the earth really hollow? Well, maybe not physically, but there must be some elements of truth to this idea… Let’s explore them :)

It’s unlikely that the earth is physically hollow – and by that I mean 3rd Dimensionally Hollow. However, by measuring and observing the rest of the electromagnetic spectrum, we can see that the earth has these energetic toroidal fields spiraling all around us, which flow through the physical earth and to the center, and then radiate back out again.

earthtorusWould it be so insane to imagine that perhaps there are many levels, many frequencies and many dimensions on which this planet reside? All of them, in fact!

Now, what if there was a frequency or dimension that was almost invisible to us, at least with our current technology and awareness – and one that functioned almost as an inner earth. A space where the laws of physics as we know them don’t function the same. A place where the basic laws of gravity and practically everything was just a little bit different. At least enough to create a different representation of the consciousness that exists inside the planet.

It could appear different… Maybe it could even appear like this video describes ;) Enjoy!

One thought on “The Science of the Hollow Earth Theory”

  1. Look up heart earth theory

    It uses the context of how everything is made from the spiral

    It proposed that earth is not flat or round but has a dip like a heart hence the pit or hollow earth

    It’s not hollow of course

    Earth has a heart within just as we do

    And we have a outer sun just like us

    And yes I agree we do have a later of reality within reality

    Perfect example would be that one person will love s life that cancer is not curable then literally in their dimension it is not

    This is changed when my dimension interferes with theirs and they demt existence


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