Pair O’ Dime Shift 9 ~ The Grand Misconception

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This Week, lets real talk about one of the greatest misconceptions known to mankind!

You see, in every area of our world we are told we have to find the inspiration on the inside, that’s the only place that it exists, and if you don’t feel it, there’s something wrong with you… or you’re broken.

We all are a balance of Male and Female energy, it constantly cycles within us, through us. We receive with female energy, and give with male energy. This is an exploration of how Inspiration happens and becomes manifest.

What if Inspiration is more than something that you just find within…what if it’s like an energetic child, something that is conceived when something within you and something outside you (another person, or something you see perhaps) come together, they create a new idea, project, feeling, something, which then needs to be nurtured and shared between those that it was conceived between.

Think about it :)

All of my love,
Ps. Thank you to Em Riddle for sharing her unreleased song “Lioness” with us for this video. Check out Em’s work here! 

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2 thoughts on “Pair O’ Dime Shift 9 ~ The Grand Misconception”

  1. Hello everyone! My name is Douglas, I’m 16 years old and I’m from Brasil. My english is not very good, and my support is the Google Translate…I love the Spirit Science, it’s a magical and beautiful project <3 I wish that I could watch Pair O'Dime Shift, but i don't understand many things in english, so, please make a portuguese subtitle for this serie! I'd like to watch it! I love you Jordan, you're just perfect <3

  2. Hello,

    I do not understand the message being presented here. In fact, I find most of Pair O’ Dime’s presentations to be quite difficult to understand and, at times, irritating to sit through. I apologize for sounding harsh, but whenever I watch Pair O’ Dime, I begin with anticipation and end in total confusion. And in my confusion, I get to see bits of Lord of the Rings and a whole bunch of other movies which I fail to find their relevance to the subject matter, provided it is cognitively possible to understand the message being presented in these videos.

    I understand there are some who do understand the points being made here but would it be possible to translate this message to layman’s terms or simplify it? The problem with these presentations (at least for me) is that the explanations are incredibly technical in nature and use a lot of confusing esoteric comparisons and over-analytical assessments which confound more than instruct. Once again, please forgive my own overly critical assessment of the presentation, but I wish to understand the message, not be confused by it and treated as less than anything for not just criticizing it but for failing to see the point. Thank you and be well.

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