Pair O’ Dime Shift 8 ~ Illuminati Surprise

This just in folks! A special report just came in from Team Spirit in relationship to a video that has been spreading like mad all through the internet! The Illuminati Surprise, depicting an awful turn of events that the world may soon come to an end!

With hasty response, Team Spirit is quick to respond, and share some light on the situation! What will they say? Well, watch the video and find out!!

That’s right folks, see it here first! And don’t forget to share, and subscribe, to get this message out to the world!

All of my love,
The Announcer at the beginning of this video :)

5 thoughts on “Pair O’ Dime Shift 8 ~ Illuminati Surprise”

  1. Thank you
    Ray of light,here’s a ray of light all the way from Greece!Keep up the good work,we so need your sunshine!<3

  2. That video really scared me too when I saw it. I think I’m going to cancel my save the world plans before the illuminati send forces to arrest me too. They just have too much control. All of my Wiseman knowledge is just enough to free 70% of all U.S citizens of the lies and illusions that so trouble them today. They should just take Mother Earth away from us and destroy it, just like there own ancestor’s planet. I ask if there reading this to just make it fast. 1 Day’s speed will do. Just use one of your matter destroying devices or something. Because if you guys are planning to create a completely controlled and fake structured lifestyle it will only end in HELL. Trust me. I’ve been with humans long enough to know all reactions feelings and responses to many different scenarios and I’m telling you dudes now. It’s gonna be a real blood bath. The likes of which even you couldn’t have predicted would have happened. Just let me straighten your mess out with my Wiseman YouTube series. I wont aim the causes at you, but the disharmony. But first let me get a job and try not to take my videos down. After then you can take over. Seriously there are endless possibilities that could make you dudes happy without resorting to power structures and war. I should know since I’m the Wiseman of the new age…

    1. Dude… sounds a bit like begging them. (^_^) Step into your Godhood. They haven’t touched me any more than I’ve touched them. Because I will it to be so. It really is that simple.

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