Spirit Quest 41 ~ The Journey Continues…

I know its been forever since i’ve uploaded a new Spirit Quest… To be honest, i wasn’t exactly sure where I was going with it, or how I was to express what I wanted to express through it. A lot has happened in a short amount of time, and I certainly don’t want to make this about me, but about us, about our collective awakening, realizations, highest Truths, and what it really means to come together and be One, once more.

This video is the story of what happened through the first half of 2012, and more is to come soon.


With love,
Jordan Pearce

10 thoughts on “Spirit Quest 41 ~ The Journey Continues…”

  1. Wow Jordan.
    it’s so inspiring that you are able to “expose” and bring forth your troubles or dis-harmonies during your travels/life. this video is so beautiful and clear, and watching some of the other spirit quests, how you are expressing yourself resonates so true here. it’s an honor to see you evolve and grow. i’m a traveler myself and am much on the same journey as you.
    keep listening to your heart and synchronicity will take care of everything else. it’s such a challenge to be present even when you are awakening and widening your view/consciousness. try not to be too intellectual and analyzing :) and loss yourself more often.
    bless you for all the “work” you are doing and all the information you are channeling. you changed my life.

    In Lak’ech. i love my spirit shirt ;)

    galjah kin 72

  2. Honestly, I could feel the love that is embedded in this video. And honestly again, It was so powerful that began to cry. :’) Love your videos Jordan. I hope we all can meet one day…

    1. Wow, there WAS something… It didn’t look like an optical illusion on the glass… It went too far too quickly to be light reflecting off an airplane… I can’t think of any Down to Earth explanations, so maybe there isn’t one XD

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