Panic to Freedom Launch -Special Launch Offer-

Hey Everyone!

You might have noticed in the last day that Panic to Freedom has Launched! This is a project i’ve been working on for quite some time now with my dear friends Ray and Brian, and it’s coming out a huge success! So far we have received such a huge response from everyone so far, the program is a huge success!

Collectively we’ve put sooo much energy into this project, 3 months of nonstop work + years and years of technical and transformational experience (especially Ray and Brian), this thing is powerful. It’s probably got almost 50,000$ worth of time, energy, and experience put into it… that’s pretty intense.

To everyone who has been following Spirit Science, and in support of the projects that were doing – we love you. In fact, there would be no us if there was no You.

So thank you, you are our inspiration to Transcend.

You can check out the full program here. We’ve made a special video just for you all about what it is, how it works, and how it came to be :)

It’s because of you that we want to make really cool things that helps us all grow, that wakes us up, that opens our eyes… It’s because of you that we want to make new technologies that change our lives, and new programs that teach us how to live free.

When we launched Panic to Freedom yesterday, we actually were a little bit late getting everything ready. and launched around 3 in the afternoon rather than noon.

So we wanted to give anybody a chance who was late like we were to check it out before we launched to the general public.  

And so for 1 more day – we’ve extended the launch offer for Spirit Science until the end of the day. 

Let us be free! Let us transcend :)

6 thoughts on “Panic to Freedom Launch -Special Launch Offer-”

  1. Hello Spirit Science

    I am new to the community and would like to see this information, however the website is not accepting any new members. Do you have an estimation on when others can see these videos?


  2. Hello,

    I watched the video’s a couple of months ago. And they where excellent! There was also another guy… Don’t know where he went but he too was great.
    The thing is…… I understand needing to live and make money.. I was just a little bit put-out, because of the price and the way it was presented.

    Spirit science is wonderful and I’m glad it’s free and that your selling stuff in your shop. If it was not free we and many others I know would not have had been able to learn from it. That is 1 of the wonders of Spirit science!
    Panic to Freedom was excellent but now I’m not so sure? I can not see the other video’s anymore… Only if i buy them?

    Thank you,

    Purple. Xxxx

    1. Hi!

      Sooooo I made a mistake.. I found the video’s again and can watch them with ease!

      I’m sorry.

      Have a wonderfull day,


  3. Hi guys.I bought it a few weeks ago when you launched it. I am not sure where I got the idea from but I thought I was getting CDs and stuff through the post. Has that changed now? Is this like an online thing now? Coz I am still waiting LOL =D Namaste

  4. Hi everybody is reading this :) I watched through the whole thing on the panic to freedom site. As a 17 year old, wanting to live life with every tool at my disposal, I can’t pay stuff online and since this is a 1 day only offer and I believe it works solely because Jordan’s says so (a bit silly I know :D but it was the same thing about the spirit science page or the improved graphics in the SS videos) I would love to have this program donated to me (The Financial Hardship thing isn’t made yet). But as the last Question everything video said about skill, cost and time I should and want to trade something back if I was given it. So I was thinking what could a boy with “only” 11½ year of school(+thousands hours on gameing) be able to give back? And my thoughts were flicking back and forth on things like: moderate the forum for a 30 day period, wearing something in my everyday life, like a badget or a T-shirt which said spirit science or on those who have had no school. But short story shorter ;) I came to the conclusion that I cannot find something of equal value to trade with. So yeah I want this :) and would like to do reasonable things in return.

    1. Hi reinert,

      I’m pretty much in the same spot as you are no matter HOW LITTLE the price is for the whole series.

      However, I thought: “letting go” and it helps. You know, when you look at the videos, it brings you to many, many other websites which are also very, very helpful. With all the information that is available here for free, you’ve got years and years of “putting into practice” just HERE AND NOW.

      Want to contribute? Look again at the “Crystal Movie” and “Meaning” and GET ACTIVE with the orgonite community. Mother earth needs you at this level and beleive me, what you’ll reap what you sow.


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