Spirit Science 18 – The Four Elements

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The four elements is really all about recognizing the variety of functions and things that any particular thing has, whether it’s a thought, an action, a technology, a feeling, a tree, whatever! Each element fractals larger and smaller to be a part of a greater or smaller whole.

Basically what that means is that for every earth, there are 4 other elements associated with it both inside that element, and outside of it. 

evolutionNow, what I really want to talk about in relationship to this video is what I talked about right near the end. The whole grand process that we move through as a species on a macrocosmic scale… As I was watching it again, I realized that this applies everywhere, to every thought, every action, every flow, and it happens more on a level of energy and vibration than anything.

What I’m describing is the pattern, not so much the event. For example, the whole “destruction of the old world” coupled with “the rise of the new one”. The painting described an event that was cataclysmic and destructive on a whole ‘nother level… but think about how that has the potential to look.

For some, it might look like having a horrible job and then quitting or being fired. There’s some rough times, some “destruction”, followed by some creation. Maybe they decide to move more into nature, start doing some business that they want to do or working with someone who they’re friends with.

It’s about the shift of becoming a creator, making connections, and seeing those patterns on every level.

Now, I know it probably appears like that has nothing to do with the four elements. It does, but in a different way than you might expect. The four elements likewise manifests on every level. As above, so below. It’s just represented differently.

In the physical plane, what that looks like is the physical earth, air, water, and fire. Like, super literal right?

On an energetic plane though, it represents feeling and thought and action and connection. How crazy is that? It’s all fractals, and they’re all connected. As it relates to the spiral painting from the video – It’s also taking time into consideration. As the energy flows from one place to another, we perceive a linear expansion of that as it fractals into all of the possibilities of what could be… And then we relate that to the physical world and make one of those infinite possibilities become reality through our actions and reactions.

Man this world is crazy…

~ ~ ~

Thank you to everyone at the Gnarnia Festival, the Art Vendors and VisionLabs as well who shared their expressions with us, and allowed us to share our expressions with everyone :) (Which was this past weekend, and a few clips from which are in this video).

7 thoughts on “Spirit Science 18 – The Four Elements”

  1. Hey Jordan its Derek from Colorado. Its been a long time. I would like to add a very perplexing and cool addition to the hexagon list. The hexagonal storm on Saturn. I don’t know if the storm still exists, but there are plenty of photos of it and several hypotheses as to how it formed. I’m glad your still adding new material.

  2. I agree whole heartily with Mary, if not for the lessons here I would be feeling quite as good as I am now. The more I see these, the more I am convinced this path is correct for me. For so long I kept thinking of things as separate, but now unity is what I long to understand. It is a bit daunting right, but I know I can shift into a whole new and much needed state of love with these resources. Thank you and all my fellow humans.

  3. I really love the music that you use. I absolutely love music and love using it as a tool to enhance my mood and consciousness. The more enlightened I become, the more I’ve been called to enlightening music which I come across every now and then, but it would be really awesome if maybe you could make a list of artists or songs that you feel are enlightening or put the mind in a place to receive enlightenment. Consciousness expanding music :) Just a thought. You guys know your stuff and I’m greatly inspired by all that you do. My own path could not develop the way it has without your contributions. Thank you! I love you all!

    1. Hi! YEEEHAW! This site is just awesome! I am so grateful to everyone.

      I am so happy that I found someone asking this. I myself recieved lots of enlightenment from Beethoven’s 5th symphony. Dance to it with your whole being! In the finale it… just… moves some galaxies a bit and takes you to a dance with happiness and laughter. Something like that.

      I would say that Beethoven wrote himself to enlighenment in his 5th symphony. In his 9th he already had a wider approach :D. 5,6,7,8,9th symphonies are definitely on a way way higher level than his 1-4th symphonies (to me, of course!)

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