Guru Yotam ~ Breathing!

This is Guru Yotam! We met him at Harbin Hot Springs in Northern California, and he has some beautiful information he would like to share with you about breathing!

If you liked this video and would like to see more of Yotam, leave a message and maybe he can make a return!

12 thoughts on “Guru Yotam ~ Breathing!”

  1. Yeah! Thank you for sharing Yotam!
    I hope you can be able to share more with us :)

    Love and peace for you, from my heart!


  2. Rare, Guru Yotam! You are so connected in this video, its divine. Sending out thoughts to the universe, whishing to see more clips like this, so close to you….soon!

  3. Dear Guru Yotam,

    Thank you ever so much for this video! You make it sound all so simple. I’m so tense and have been trying breathing techniques unsuccessully for so long it’s not even funny. YOU made me realise that I was trying too hard, making it too complicated.

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.


  4. I shared this video to one of my colleagues. She said that she felt happy from it. And well I do as well.
    Thank you Guru Yotam and Patchman=)


  5. Great video. Learning to breathe properly always helps when I’m in a tough situation.

    1. Having an amazingly gifted person like Yotam would be such a great benefit for spirit science to me. I would absolutely love to see more videos of Guru Yotam. I am humbled to be in the internet presence (:
      By the way, when you shared that tip, channeled, It was the most incredible thing ive ever seen here. As a channeler it was soo cool to watch someone else channel :D I loved it.

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