Patchblog – Your Healing Journey

All problems are just gifts waiting to be discovered. You seek out problems to find their gifts.

Your Journey is your own. You have to understand that nobody is in the same position that you are, although everyone has their own path which can be similar in many ways. The personal path being one that we all must take becomes a path that is universal to everyone. The path to understanding, the pathway to growth. There is an inherent geometry behind this pathway, and in time we will discuss it more specifically. The geometry is that of a Toroidial Field, for those of you who are interested, as well as the chakra spectrum, which is inherent in our bodies and DNA.
You are on your own path. Your path is one of healing, and you can only heal yourself. Everyones journey involves them healing themselves, and understanding why the suffering was created in the first place. When divine understanding is reached, the frequency of the crown chakra, you transcend the octave of frequency you experienced and begin a new cycle of your evolution.

There are many healers on this planet, and you yourself may be walking a path of becoming a healer. What does it mean to be a healer? It’s important to understand that you cannot heal others, it is not your job to heal others, as everyone has to walk their own path of healing and personal understanding. That being said, a Healer is one who knows and carries the frequency of healing within them. Through communication with, or working with a healer, one can better understand their own path and it can help them heal. A healer is one who allows their own energy, vibration and conscious understandings as a tool in assisting others to heal themselves. Whether it be through conscious and personal discussion, back massages, crystal or reiki energy work, or sound healing…or any infinite number of paths of healing available in the universe.

Your path is your own, you cannot expect anyone to heal you. You have a brilliant light within you that never goes out. This light can shine, and if you let it shine and turn up the intensity, the light will break away all of the darkness that you may feel around you. It is up to you to break away this darkness, and only you can shine the light to truly understand yourself better, and how to move into a higher vibration of consciousness. You can however, ask for help.

As much as we are on our own journeys, We are all healing together. We are all following our own inner light, and considering we are all one and the light is the source of the universe, it means we are all moving to the same place, to the light. And we are doing it together, and so today we are learning acceptance. Accept those around you who are on their own path. Their path is theirs, and we must be mindful and loving to everyone, whether they are choosing to harm themselves, or grow and better understand each other. Whoever it may be that is in your life, and whatever they are doing, come to accept them and love them for who they are. No, they don’t understand what you’re going through and experiencing, and so you can’t expect them to. Simply see that they are where they are, and they deserve to receive and feel love as much as you do.

Namaste, until next time.

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