Patch Parable 7 – The Parable of the Stonecutter

This week’s parable is from the Tao of Pooh! (it’s a book that introduces taoism through winnie-the-pooh). It is about being true to yourself and knowing that in any state, from a stonecutter to a powerful sun, you are in a state of perfection because you exist as such. You can change yourself to be anything you’d like, what do you want to be? But remember that how you are now is perfect too, and accepting what you are makes it only easier to change it as well.

You are love.

This weeks parable was also animated in part by the King of Atlantis! Give him a round of applause in the comments, he’s learning to animate so that we can have more cartoons, more often, and more awesome!

With Love!
SpiritPatch, ShePatch and the Atlantis King

Special thanks to everyone who sent us music to use!! See the credits for more!

2 thoughts on “Patch Parable 7 – The Parable of the Stonecutter”

  1. It’s kind of fun to turn this parable on its head. When I had more power, I craved less because I saw myself as inadequate. But the lesson remains the same. We are who we are. Power is but an illusion.

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