Spirit Quest 28 – Sedona

Although it may seem like we didn’t do too much in Sedona, the truth is that we just didn’t take much video :D We went rock climbing and met some really cool people! Funny story, we had met a friend up on the mountains who had emailed us earlier that morning about meeting up in Sedona! Isn’t that rad!? We only stayed for 1 day, and then went off on our Journey, passing through vegas and up to Salt Lake City!

There is SOOO much energy in sedona, everyone is wonderful! I do recommend checking it out!


Check out our previous adventure here! The Tucson Gem Show! 

6 thoughts on “Spirit Quest 28 – Sedona”

  1. Hard to say. Problems are usually created by others.. And we have to deal with them.

    Awesome Adventure looking forward to seeing you guys.


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