Do Ghosts Exist, And If So, Can A Person Communicate With The Dead?

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-Jacob Ethridge Of Port Orford, Oregon (USA)-

“YES and YES. But first, I must expose some false beliefs in order to explain this position.

A “Ghost” is an exiting Tulpa. I call it an exiting Tulpa because it is not a Tulpa that exists because the focused energy of Source is now creating it. It is a “residual” or thought that was once “focused”. It is very difficult for people to understand but, thoughts…think. And so, an Exiting Tulpa is “thinking” but it is not attached to the consciousness of Source energy.

A ghost Tulpa exists when, in joining back with Source, just as a person leaves behind their physical body, a person leaves behind the energetic vibration of the thought of themselves in relation to this life, and the thoughts that did not resonate with the energetic vibration of Source. These types of Tulpas resonate very strongly with the physical dimension, so they often have attachment to a physical object, or physical person or place by way of resonating with it.

These thoughts have enough energy that they can not only assume some version of physical manifestation in the form of an image, but also, sometimes in the form of being able to manipulate what is physical (poltergeist activity). These Tulpas can act out “unfinished business” in many forms. But just like a body decays, they tend to lose their energy over time as long as someone is not lending energy to them by focusing on them.

Ghosts are not people who’s souls have become stuck somewhere in between life and death. However, these thought forms can be interacted with and helped to de manifest.

You have most likely heard of a medium helping a ghost to cross over into the light. This happens when a medium (who has a vibrational resonance high enough that they are able to interpret the energetic vibration of a Tulpa as a sight or sound) is offering energetic thought vibrations that influence this thought form to change its energetic vibration, and therefore, resonate with Source. When it does this, it too goes through a process of de-manifestation that retracts it through the primary manifestation stage of “light”.

Whenever the feeling you get off of a Tulpa, is a negative one, you are dealing with a residual thought form of the person and the vibrational state that the person left behind. It is not the person’s “soul”. It does not have direct connection to the Source part of the person who left it behind. The Source energy that left it behind does not miss it’s body and it does not miss it’s Tulpa.

If, however, the Source wanted to have direct connection with its Tulpa again, it could do so by re-resonating with it. If it did this, it would now be an entering Tulpa. It only chooses to do this if it is of benefit. It does this occasionally to attend physical births or deaths of people it was close to, to aid in the process into death or into birth. Occasionally, it will do this to aid a person who is struggling or suffering in life, in order to lend support to them when support would best be lent by the person they were familiar with.

All this being said, If a person makes it their intention in the life they are living to find an energetic vibration that resonates with thought form, they can have what you would call clairaudient or clairvoyant experiences and in this way, reconnect again and communicate with the thought form of that which has physically died. There is no veil between physical and non physical.

In truth, there is no distinction between the physical and the non physical other than the mind of the perceiver.”

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  1. When you’re alone, your senses are much more apt to be turned to “attention mode” same as in the dark. It’s just a simple side effect of a human brain hard wired for survival. so you’ll pick up more of what’s there all the time but now it has your ATTENTION.
    If you are afraid of the supernatural, it is because you’re still convinced on one level you don’t create your own reality therefore you CAN become a victim to someone or something else. most especially something which you can’t control like the “super natural” which i would call the totally natural.
    to get rid of the FEAR of them and not make yourself a match to the tulpas which resonate at a low “unfinished business” level, you must find a way to really talk your way into the belief that you have total control of your reality and every dimension based on the fact that you control your thoughts which dictate your vibration, which dictates what you are a match to or not a match to and therefore what you experience or don’t experience.

    1. If Tulpas can learn and adapt, then it would seem plausible for it to learn someone’s name. And feeling them only when alone could perhaps be because other people’s frequencies are distorting the messages being received. Either that or they’re hiding.

  2. Hey Teal! Thanks for writing this. I believe that there are no coincidences. And this post came at the perfect time. I am staying with a good friend of mine who was overcoming depression. After teaching him some meditation techniques and ways to overcome his depression, he was able to have a sense of peace and clarity for the first time in a very long time. However after our yoga/meditation session, I told him to go take a shower, make it a new experience, light some candles and fully relax and be present in the moment instead of over thinking or being in his head(cause of his depression). Right after he did this, he came out and said he had a very startling experience. As he was showing, he felt a heavy presence of something behind him pressing down saying “Hey [His Name]”. He freaked out and was started. He opened his eyes and it was gone. Then he closed his eyes and tried to enjoy it again thinking he was just imagining things and as he did the presence came again repeating the same experience. He opened his eyes and this time being completely freaked out not sure if he had an encounter with a ghost or a spirit. He ran out and told me about it which I freaked out as well. Any ideas what to do or what this is? Any way to prevent this from happening? Since being awaken and operating on a higher level of consciousness, I feel the presence of an energy myself and have been paranoid and haven’t been able to sleep well. Looking over my shoulders and not fully resting for fear of the supernatural. Any ideas? Your insights and guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advanced Teal!

    1. Also, a quick history of us, we have both been awakened and enlightened recently and our vibrations are resonating higher than before. Not sure if that has anything to do with it (i.e. higher vibrations may attract spirits who knows you are receptive to their encounters, etc) One last thing to mention is that the feeling or energy my friend felt from the encounter was terror or frighten from a feminine source while he was taking a shower. (not sure if it was his manifestation due to his response of being frightened and startled himself of the unexpected visit) Perhaps someone who lived in the house before (old house). He only just recently moved into this old house recently. If it is a spirit that lived here from before, how would it know his name? This is all so crazy to me… Help!

  3. Teal, thank you for writing this article! I have been trying to explain this to people for so long and people just don’t understand. I was thinking about writing an article saying basically the same thing, but you explained it way better and I’m so glad you did. Now I can refer this article to friends of mine.

    Also, is it possible for negative entities to resonate and inhabit/consume these Tulpas so that they can communicate and possibly feed off of certain physical beings? Because I and my friends have experienced many instances where there are entities claiming to be dead relatives who know sensitive and private information about the person or even us, but after further inquiry, they are in fact not that relative or person(this is the reason i stay away from Ouija boards). So, is that possible?

    1. It is possible yes. (I’ve never seen this done from a standpoint of bad intention just a energy of desperacy) What I see the most is that they will connect to information that the person (alive)connects with the dead relative in order to try to be helped across.
      And I see some people who are being used as a source of energy so they can try to manifest. the same way they’d use a light fixture. But for them to do this, there already has to be a deficiency that makes it possible. The same way that a bacteria can’t feed of a host unless the host has diminished immune system. the auric field has to be weak enough to create an “aura rip” where the entity attaches and uses the energy to try to communicate with the physical and become more physical. this is no more malevolent than the bacteria who simply wants what it wants and is unaware of the effect on the host organism.
      But information which we’d call “private” is not private past the third dimension at all. Oneness gets increasingly more a part of reality the higher dimension you are in so they don’t see it as “classified” info. they see it as info which causes you to FOCUS in their general direction and causes you to care enough that they can get the attention they need.

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