Spirit Quest 19 – Occupy Wall Street

We actually went out to Occupy WS 2 weeks ago, but we had to begin prepping for Zenergy and were taking care of other projects, so we couldn’t get this out until now. Enjoy!


Now, many people have asked me “How do you feel about Occupy Wall Street”, and although we went there and observed what it was like, I didn’t really express my ideas about it in the video. So here’s what I think.

First of all, there was absolutely no organization at all. I thought the media was twisting the story when they said “They don’t really know what they want”, but it’s actually pretty close to what I experienced while there. There are a lot of ideas and a lot of people who are working together and discussing what can be done though, so it’s not like a lost cause or anything like that. For this movement to actually completely change everything however, it definitely will need a little more unification than what is currently assembled.

— Yes, i know that Occupy was recently stormed by the storm-troopers and the empire is now closing in trying to crush the rebel movements all over the United States, but Occupy is fighting back, so perhaps this is the unity coming through right now —

I think Wall Street is definitely the beginning of people waking up. If anything, a LOT of seeds are being planted everywhere because of it. Ideas on the future, new understandings about how global systems should work, and perhaps even new technologies will come into the forefront because of it. I definitely support what’s happening here, it’s happening now, and it’s awesome!


6 thoughts on “Spirit Quest 19 – Occupy Wall Street”

  1. Wonderful video, Jordan. If you want to delve into existentialist ideas more, read the work of Sarte.

    Or… if you’re the kind of person that likes to see examples of existentialism in action, there’s a few good films to check out. American Beauty and Little Miss Sunshine come to mind. Both are great films. Also, The Weather Man is okay if you can tolerate Nicholas Cage movies.


  2. I went to the G20 protests that just passed in Toronto – not that I had a choice, because it was happening at my doorstep – as an observer, and I pretty much had a similar feeling; it was all unorganised pissed-off-ish-ness. I do realise that there were pockets of valid ideas being put forth, but, none of them seemed to care about other issues but their own. There was no harmony and the only thing that united people was their angst … which just isn’t constructive at all.

    Sidenote: When I was there I was standing near a tree and above me I saw a hawk (or some other bird of prey) eat a pigeon. If that wasn’t an omen to hightail it outta there, I don’t know what is…

  3. “Random systems and chaotic systems outwardly resemble one another, so much so that we have come to use randomness and chaos as synonyms when, in fact, they are antonyms. Random systems operate by chance, while chaotic systems, although appearing random, are based on an underlying organization… Imagine you are looking down on the main floor of New York’s Grand Central Station at the busiest time of day. Throngs of people seem to be hurrying and scurrying in a random fashion, and yet, with very few exceptions, each individual has a specific destination. Had we access to the universal intelligence to read each person’s mind, we would understand the purposefulness behind each of their stops, starts, and changes in direction. While appearing random, the traffic flow is actually chaotic because every individual’s movement is based on an inherent plan.” – from Spontaneous Evolution by Bruce Lipton

    I’ve been to OWS twice before and saw what you saw Jordan, what you saw was the first social organizational system in recent US history not based on a pyramid structure. To our untrained eye it looks random and unwieldy. They themselves liken it to a horizontal hierarchy, where there is no one person above the other, no one ideology is above another, where there is no distribution of information on a need-to-know basis. You know as much as you want to know. Right now it looks pretty messy. Change is. But it doesn’t mean they dont know what they want. We just don’t all realizes that we want the same things. However, we do know the power of our collective power. Order and clear goals will increase as our determination does and people will then awaken to the true battle inside themselves which you were trying to portray to people there, just as i was when i first went there. Just gotta troubleshoot that red pill…

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