Atlantis King: Potential Realities.

Imagine if university was like this………………………………..

perhaps youtube is the new university.

the possibilities are endless!

the trends are defendless!

together we mend the deadness!

i think i just rapped…how wonderfully strange.


14 thoughts on “Atlantis King: Potential Realities.”

  1. Your communication so vibrant,the words are sound with felling,but you taped in to a new idea maybe on chance.We thinks ye may need a villain,or by chance of a child in Patch’s window of communication,where he sees the teaching close to what seems to be a custom now it seems to connect to the child of our spirit first,then we want more,That is were I think a villein in the Atlantis king could fit there,the aka villain could be shown by a person in a fog aka zombie,control ,ego,and habit.

    Thank you,KEEP SHARING!
    Please try out this video by Manly P. Hall “love of truth”
    It is about An hour long but i was hoping to see if would give a reply on this in a video.

  2. Dear The King of Atlantis lol you keep doing what you do best and best wishes. And keep making videos to kids who don’t know yet make YouTube the spiritual kindergarten and for some university. Bye

  3. This is really shallow but…I’m totally distracted by his attractiveness…put clothes on, it’s hard to listen :-) :-( idk how I feel.

  4. you know a good book that talks about the filters is Conversations with God series he talked about the same thing that he was told by God in his writing, he channeled God through his hand, that there are filters and everyone has a different one some are smaller then others and are closer to the truth compared to the others who totally misinterprets stuff. Neale Donald Walsh is the author

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