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Breakdown.. BreakThrough!

I’m seeing a lot of shifting taking place right now, for everyone including myself. All around me, i am watching as my friends and family are facing themselves and the realities that they’ve created ~ And in many cases these realities are tumbling down all around them. It is quite very intense, but also a very good thing. This needs to take place for Order to come from Chaos. It is the nature of the lesson “Breakdown – BreakThrough”, which was taught to me by Life itself, yet explained by a beautiful Unicorn Starsailer which erupted from a Holly Tree whom I had the pleasure of crossing on my journey…and living with for a while. :)

This morning I awoke to hear a very familiar yet intense song playing in my head, and this song was on repeat and the stop button wasn’t working. Upon going into the song, I looked up the lyrics to try and understand more closer what the song was about, and it brought me to the full attention of what was happening in my life and those around me, and i wish to share it with you today. Continue reading