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The Secret of Neem: The Contraceptive Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You To Know About

There’s only one perfect method of safe sex – abstinence. But let’s be honest, abstinence is no fun for anyone. So in reality, you’ll turn to some form of contraception. The problem, however, is that most contraceptives are unnatural and sometimes produce unwanted side effects.


Depending on the contraceptive, it may affect your hormonal system or fertility levels. It looks like you’re in a bind: you want to have sex, but you don’t want to sacrifice your bodily health, what do you do? You look for a natural contraceptive alternative.

Well, you and your partner could be in luck, because I may have stumbled across the perfect solution. This solution comes in the form of neem extract. Neem is a tree found in India, and like nearly every other plant in India, it has some sort of valuable medicinal property. In this case, neem extract has the potential to function as a natural contraceptive.

Neem As a Natural Alternative:


Using neem extract as a contraceptive isn’t actually a new idea; research on neem’s potential as a spermicide has been ongoing since the 1960s.

Studies have been examining the effects that neem oil has on the vas deferens (the tubes that carry sperm)  in comparison to surgical vasectomy.

Trials have been experimented with neem extract as a reversible male contraceptive. Continue reading