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  1. I’m not sure if you guys already have this, but if not could you a compile a list of required reading? Basically where you source your information from… Your videos on youtube go over a lot of information, especially the hidden human history video. I’m definitely a newb at researching this stuff but the human history video definitely fills a lot of gaps between events and other things. But my brain is hungry and wants more (more more more) information.

    1. The youtube channel has nothing to do with us anymore. Do some research on Jordan and you’ll understand why. As for where the information came from, Drunvlo and his flower of life book would be a good start. However, he says he got his information from Thoth, so that would be a dead end… I know far more, I just never bothered to share what I know and I can actually show you where I got my information seeing as I spent many years doing my own research and I didn’t stop until I found tangible facts. Why haven’t I shared my knowledge? Because I once tried to and at first, they would shut down my internet, then they showed up at my house, but thankfully I knew of them and was able to prepare accordingly. What I know makes the whole of the YouTube series look like a bad joke… That’s how I managed to get nearly 100k views on G+ without every having uploaded any content. I was introduced to Spirit Science by someone, but I was never really interested in the videos, I was interested in the community since they seemed to have an interest in the things I knew. However, after the last 3 years, I’ve learned that isn’t the case for the most part.

  2. Love the series you guys have a lot to say about our past but I’ve noticed you gets never once mention the illuminati or the reptilians are you guys ever going to cover them?

    1. We have nothing to do with the YouTube channel anymore. Do some research on Jordan and you’ll understand why. But to answer your question, I would love to cover a lot of things eventually, but we’re working on other projects right now and don’t have time to create much content here. I have about 209 more comments to go over as well, so I’m a bit behind, to say the least…

  3. Greetings, Again, I enjoyed the information shared on your program. I like to share my
    view on KABBALAH, and very simple. Kabbalah, is derived from Ancient KEMET/
    Egypt….Ka/Spirit & Ba/Soul. With Lah/Body,
    gives you 3 Chakra chants.
    * Kah…3rd Eye Chakra
    * Bah….Sacral Chakra, &
    * Lah….Root Chakra
    Just “Keeping It Simple”. Thanks & Peace!

  4. Greetings, I’ve listened to most all of your episodes, and I founded them to be highly informative. I’m age 61, and living with some serious health issues,, a painful and paralyzing Spinal Stroke. Have your organization formalized a “Spiritual Healing”
    system, in order to help assist those who are in need. Thanks & Peace!

  5. Hello I am wondering if you have any work available for me. I’m really enjoying the videos and you’re website is great too. I just want to help somehow, I understand everyone is really busy, but maybe I can help somehow? A paying job would be awesome, but honestly I’d be happy just working for free provided the truly essentials of good living. Forgive me if I’m ranting, but I just envisioned a what if scenario of an actual tangible spiritscience community. A patch of land to yield sustainable living. Personally I have no resources, no $ to contribute, and no land. But I have spirit, i don’t give up. Even now, for some reason I have this doubt in my mind, a voice telling me don’t bother typing. You likely won’t get a response, you’re post might not even be approved, and even if there was a response it might not be what you hope for. I accept it. It’s not about me. I’m doing this because it’s an offer to you, not from me, as what’s important. Thank you.

    1. Hey! Send us an email with your skills, passions and so on. If you want to help, there are lots of things to do, it’s just a matter of finding people capable of doing said things. Oddly enough, there aren’t many people with skills that are free to help. Also, we’re not building a “spirit science” community, but I get what you mean. I don’t have time to go into the details of everything right now, but we already have a lot of land in the mountains.

      1. Hello,
        I too have felt the urge to dedicate myself to helping the human race. Its a drive that I have had since I child. I remember when my parents and friends used to ask me what I wanted to do, and my reply was simply that, to help people. I had largely forgotten about this desire until the second week of this month, when the sun, on its power down cycle starting tossing solar storms around. I have experienced something like a rebirth, where my old self died as I began to discover that most if not all the things I had learned, turned up dead wrong. I thought I was crazy, I felt crazy and indeed have been overly concerned with my own state of mind recently.
        You guys managed to change that, last night I was able to….”talk to”…. I guess, the spirit of the planet. I discovered something odd while doing so, that when I told the Mother that I have decided to move forward and do whatever is in my power to help people, I began to experience warmth and love and my skull actually vibrated to such a degree that I was covered in goosebumps and I had such a feeling of contentment that I know now that isn’t a fantasy or something my mind is making up.
        Anyhow, if your land in the mountains does exist, then I want to help. I also hope that your land is in either Chile or Peru, way up high. I have studied many different scientific fields in college, I am both strong and capable, and I know how to work the land and irrigate, grow food. I know how run electricity and water, make fences and buildings and all manner of things. I can and will fight if necessary, and though I hope peaceful solutions will win the day, that isn’t always the case. I have nothing but time.

        Please allow me to help.

        I love you all, and I always will. I dedicate myself to the cause of every sentient creature of this planet, the Earth included. I will hold them all dear and protect them with my own life if necessary.


      2. what mountains? i am buying land in Colorado and starting a legal marijuana farm. on the other side of the property i will be building a sort of campus of earthbag/earthship buildings. i have a decent sized team to help me with this, but if you have contacts in Colorado i would love to network. my “campus” will be made to host and to work on larger projects, my farm will mostly be to pay bills and help fund such projects. as well as host spaces for things like group meditation, yoga, art studio, and a digital studio for things like video.

        anyone can simply buy land but to actually have a working business and campus of resource buildings, thats what i plan to offer.

        thank you for your time

    2. We have some pretty cool ideas on how to help, and hopefully grow into something bigger together. we have a mantra as a tribe. We are always stronger together.

      Please let us know if we can help in your larger efforts. We would love to put your links and banners on our site to help.

      We are also putting local community dinner fund raising events for several goals. One of which is donate towards your organization. Please feel free to reach us at our facebook, or at my personal email.

      Joseph Ryan

  6. Hello,

    I’ve really appreciated your website and Facebook page over many years, but I’ve wondered where the FB page has gone.

    On another note, I was wondering if you are open to receiving content for an article. Are you willing to review material for submission?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you!


  7. Hey beautiful people,

    Where can I contact you guys about article submissions? I love what you do and have been inspired by your posts and videos etc. I am a freelance writer, alternative healer and yoga teacher and would be ever grateful for the opportunity to share my love in the vibration of words.

    Have an amazing day.


      WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! You have to dig deeper guys. You are like all the rest of the misinformation lists online who are misrepresenting who the REAL RH NEGATIVES ARE. All of this misidentification started with a New Age website run by Dee Finny over a decade ago. This misinformation spread all over the net. I am an author who writes about this FABULOUS bloodline. Google my name and you will find my books at Kindle E-books. Here is how you need to change your ideology regarding the misinformation, disinformation and lies about this PURE Scandinavian Mitochondria bloodline who we all share DNA with no matter what color you are today.

      Here is a blurb that I wrote about it that I have sent out to a few of you that have fallen for the lies.


      “Copper Based Aquatic DNA has been added to the human genome by aliens through rape and artificial insemination.

      This Copper Based Aquatic DNA is being confused for the PURE RH NEGATIVE BLOODLINE THAT CANNOT BE CLONED.

      To create a hybrid fetus, aliens have to first abduct a woman and then impregnate here with a fetus that is what we call a hybrid fetus. This hybrid fetus will carry her DNA and Alien or what science refers to as “Other DNA.” In this case the “Other DNA” is Copper Based Aquatic Reptilian DNA. The woman who carries this hybrid fetus’s become an incubator.

      These aliens also abduct the pregnant woman to tweak the DNA of the fetus she is carrying. When the woman is first abducted and impregnated, she is usually chip implanted. This is also true of the fetus she is carrying. That child is a hybrid and from that point on that child then becomes an unwilling victim through out their lives in many ways and may become part of the delivery system of the “Alien Agenda” today. This child and mother may have no memory of what has happened to them. They may also be victims of screened memories which are memories implanted in their consciousness that are not accurate but are placed their to confuse the victim as to what has happened to them. These screened memories may or may not last. Often after an alien abduction our Shadow Government and Military also abduct the woman to find out what happened and to place screened memories in the woman.

      More often than not they are given Earth Changing images that include visions of future global cataclysms and plagues that will kill 2/3 of the global population. Old Testament prophets, seers, sages etc., were given the same visions or screened images. They all connect to prophetic End Of The Ages scenarios that will be happening to our world soon.

      I will underline what appears to be reptilian hybrid traits in RH NEGATIVES who also carry Copper Based Aquatic DNA. THOSE WITH THIS HYBRID FACTOR ARE NOT PURE RH NEGATIVESS THEY ARE HYBRIDS WITH WHAT SOME CALL COPPER BASED AQUATIC ANOMOIES in their blood, known as Serpents Blood or Reptilian Blood.

      A feeling of not belonging
      Truth seekers
      Sense of a “Mission” in life
      Empathy & Compassion for Mankind
      An extra rib or vertebra
      Higher than average IQ
      ESP Ability
      Love of Space & Science
      More sensitive vision & other senses.
      Increased of psychic/intuitive abilities
      Cannot be cloned
      Lower body temperature
      Higher blood pressure (some say lower)
      Predominantly blue eyes
      Green or Hazel eyes are reptilian colors
      Red or reddish tint to hair color
      Increased sensitivity to heat & sunlight
      Unexplained Scares
      Piercing Eyes
      Tend to be Healers
      Empathetic Illnesses
      Ability to disrupt electrical devices (probably because of the chip implants inserted in them)
      Prone to Alien Abductions
      Experience unexplained phenomenon
      Physic Dreams and/or Ability
      Here are the titles of my books at Kindle Books:


      To find my books or simply read my book intro’s Google my name and then click on the Kindle E-Book link. If you have any questions you can Email me at:

      Angellica Goodson Lord aka (Buyers Beware)
      [email protected]

    2. What material did you create? That email address no longer exists. We’re working on getting things setup to be more functional. One of the many issues we’re working on actually.

  8. I left you an email at the address provided about but got an error message so here it is

    In your recent article on subject of smudging you included a the study on smudging in the story that you claim to support the benefits of smudging but when you read it this is what the study actually says: “This review highlights the fact that not enough is known about medicinal smoke and that a lot of natural products have potential for use as medicine in the smoke form.”

    You then provided a link to “a follow up paper published in the same periodical” but the link you provided no source that back up your claims.

    So my question to you is, why are you misrepresenting scientific studies in your articles?

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  10. how do i get in contact with you? I feel i may be able to provide you with some assistance in getting your message out to the world.

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