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  1. Hi I’m looking for a post on here that I can’t find anymore. I’m pretty sure it was called 13 steps to paradise. Thank you in advance

  2. I like it very much , it is very helpful.
    But in China , we can not use facebook or youtube. There are 1.4 billion people need to know about these thing.Most of us can not see the new movie of spirit science in time.

    Can you put the movies to the China website directly?

  3. How might I get a hold of you?
    I’m interested in continuing my journey along side of you.
    Only love!!

  4. hey team
    love your work over the past years
    however i feel i need to express a sense of disappointment i feel when clicking on your website nowadays

    there doesnt feel to be the inspired action there once was,

    ill jump on to be informed and find a repeat of generic articles on spiritual archetypes like the “empath” and “cutting chords with your ex”..
    are these not the same information force fed to us by the media with a spiritual twist?

    i know you would cop a lot of shit from random people through the internet but i say this because i know you hold so much influence on people who are naive and only just being exposed to this reality

    its time to show the truth,
    your videos are bold friendly and simple for the average human to understand
    certainly did a lot for me on the rise

    but as i dive deeper i realise theres a lot of airy fairy noise we fill our selves with when the most important thing is claiming our free will and stepping into our powerful selves choosing the lives we want to live here on earth

    you are so much better than noise spirit team –
    hope you understand where im coming from

    infinate love

  5. I have a serious question.
    What are we? I am not my body.. I am consciousness.. but what is that?

    .. I know this reality is, in the quantum sense, only here because I’m observing, measuring, and comprehending these subatomic particles to create a reality. I know my dreams and thoughts are due to the same reason and that they are just as real as what we call reality.. but what am I to observe all this and to create this? What am I creating all of this? Am I, the observer, something far from a reality of subatomic particles? What is it that’s controlling this reality?

  6. Hi,

    I wish to help you guys.
    I am able to do subtitles in Portuguese.
    Do you have a list of videos and the subtitles you already have?

    Please let me know.

  7. March 12 Full Moon

    Hindu. Islamic. Hebrew calendars all synchronic on the 14th of Uttara. Jumadi al Thaani and Adar )respectively).

    Yet also the Aztec new year.

    Ancient caledar makers could be telling us something.

  8. Hey! Much of your information is truth and there are times you touch on subjects that I’d like to discus more with you. One of the things off the top of my head right now is on your video about the earth’s beginning. You mentioned Araragat, but I can’t find much information on him. Please email me; I really want to hear more about some topics! Thank you

  9. Hey me and my friend want to make a YouTube series going in depth with the practical side of spiritual stuff
    We were wondering if maybe you’d like to partner with us in some way

  10. You guys are New Age cancer.

    Your faggot ass youtube videos with that snot-nosed tween boy toy voice pisses me off to no end.

    You should be ASHAMED of yourselves calling yourself spiritual and propagating that charlatan Drunvalo or however the fuck you spell his name.

    Fucking Faggots.

    1. Great work peoples. Love the video’s and knowledge. I love watching ancient aliens. Learning about the history of other cultures, religions and beliefs. I to own some crystals. Right now just clear quartz and amethyst. And astral/lucid dreams are the best. And laughed when you talked about flight because that’s what I always do besides fly through parts of matter you couldn’t in this dimension. Only happens like once a month though. Tenzin Rinpoche is my favorite to watch and listen to. He has a lot of great videos out. Highly recommend watching. And here’s a great video on lucid dreams and life after death.
      Keep up the good work! =)

    2. I’m sorry, but you should be ashamed to call YOURSELF spiritual when you are using the word faggot. I can account for all truly spiritual people when I say we respect and accept people of all race, gender, sexuality, and religions. We don’t need your negative input in the spiritual world :) Thanks

  11. Hey,
    I wanted to ask if you could visit my website and maybe give me advices on how to reach a mass audience. I have conscious art and knowledge that I’m trying to share to help people empower themselves. I’m trying to find a way to reach out to the conscious community as well as the general community.
    Thank you, any advice would be very appreciated.

    1. Hi Jordan, I’m Oz from Israel and I’m a big fan of your channel and your videos. I think your videos are very inspiring and I Iove them. Keep up the good work.

      I run a small Facebook sport page connected to a small shop, and I wanted to ask if I can get your permission to upload some of you great videos to the Facebook page, with a link to your Youtube channel.

      I think it can help spread your videos to more Facebook users that don’t know your channel yet, with a link that invites them to click and watch more of your channel and subscribe. And of course that for my page followers it’s amazing to get very inspiring high quality content that gives actual value, like your videos.

      I am waiting for you permission. Thank you, and keep up the amazing work.

      Sincerely yours,

  12. Spirit Science family!!

    You are being summoned to a cosmic mission!

    Please email me!!

    With all the Love and Gratitude,

  13. Hi,

    I visited your website

    I have an idea to bring more exposure to the website.

    We create custom engaging animated business videos for businesses like yours for the past 3 years to help increase exposure both online and local.

    Below is a YouTube playlist with over 50 videos we created, in the list are videos for real estate, windows and door company, doctor, school, apps, and many more

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    All videos are custom made base on your requirements; all videos include royalty free background music, sound effects, hand drawn illustrations (sketch videos only), custom animation, pictures, business logo, a male or female voice over, and full 1080p HD quality.

    The video will help you gain more visitors and earn more. Visitors to your website would rather watch a video that explains your product or services than to read about your product or services.

    Reply back to this message to discuss this with me.

    Steve S,
    Thank you

  14. Hi there:

    In my meditation this morning, I was told to get this information out:

    The people of the world are at a very critical time right now; the world is full of unrest. So many people are wondering what they can do. I am coming before you to ask if you might put a plea out to your listeners:

    We are coming to an understanding that we hold the key to our universe, which is made up of love, light, and vibration – I ask that during this time we put our focus, meditation, and prayers on raising the frequency of the earth and all that is on it – DAILY. In doing this as a collective, we can either bring the lower energies up to a higher place, or these beings will divide from the higher vibrations.

    I know that each of us is probably doing this already, but if we can ask others to do this daily for a time, I’m sure we’ll see amazing things.

    I’m sending this request out to the people that I listen to on YouTube, or whose books I have read.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom,


  15. Hey there I’ve seen some of your videos, and there pretty challenging. However though I was wondering if you could discuss the flat earth theory along with scriptures from the bible. Alot of things have been covered from other religions many focused on hindu, Buddhism which all come from a very spiritual place but what about the book that stares people in the face and challenges alot of their daily activities in how to live a Godly life. I understand many have been murdered to religion, but if someone was just smart enough to realize the power within these teachings they would teach it in a way of judgement and violence? I just ask to broaden the horizon on spiritual teachings that I think would answer many questions. Maybe for even some non believers, because my image as a friend is someone who snatches you away from the edge with all of his might so that you may be saved, instead of a friend that pats you on the shoulder and says hey man hope your right see ya at the bottom. God Bless and I hope to hear back I believe we have the free will to question everything and anything so let’s do it.

  16. Firstly I would like to say thank you, I was raised a Catholic but lost my faith many years ago. I became very depressed last year and could not find a way out. I was hoping for some kind of miricle that would dramatically chance my life and pull me out of this hole I was in.
    Then I watched your video about the hidden human history (6 times in a row haha!) and I had a shift in thinking, my problems were still there but they didn’t seem as bad and I could deal with them one at a time and pull myself out of my depression.
    I also had a new faith, not in the Catholic Church but in higher beings. This made sense because I used to get visits in my sleep from past loved ones. Fast forward 6 months and life is really good again and last night I got the urge to watch your video again, instead I stumbled upon your spirit science videos and came to lucid dreaming and out of body experiences. I have been getting advice from spirits and controlling my dreams since I was a kid. I never really looked into it or realised the possibilities but on my own without training or advice I got to a stage where I can fly like superman. Instantly appear anywhere in the world. I can not only creat things from thin air but I can totally manipulate my surroundings and creat anything I want.
    I feel like if this is something that comes so naturally to me I don’t want to waste it.
    I also always felt like I was supposed to do something great but could never figure out what.
    One of the reasons I lost my faith was seeing all the devastation and pain that was caused by people using religion to control people. It really upsets me. Now I believe that they are all connected anyway. Religions can be united by discovering our real history. You are doing a lot of good and I can imagine that you would be kept very busy with your own research and making these videos but I wanted to leave you with something to think about. While it is great having this information online, there is no substitute for a personal community that you can connect with and help one another grow, also I would happily pay a small donation or weekly subscription to help people or help start communities like this. I am not saying you should charge people to watch your content but if people, like me are willing to donate this could go to help set up weekly meeting places where people could share ideas, experiences and help each other grow.
    I hope you get to read this and I would like to hear back from you but I understand you are quite busy but I just wanted to say thank you and share my thoughts… Peace out brother.

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