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  1. First of all thanks for all the information and love.

    I see that the only reference to Sanskrit is in a post from 2016
    and no videos have been made of it.
    It is a powerful tool, to say the least and has so much knowledge attributed to it.
    It seems that your agenda is raising consciousness and connecting people to wisdom.
    Sanskrit has existed for 5,000 years and always had people who spoke it.
    I been learning it on my own for a short time and i really feel that connecting teachers and learners together as well as bringing awareness about Sanskrit ASAP will bring alot of wisdom into our global conciseness.
    The secret of the vedas by Sri Aurobindo is a great book about interpreting vedas and symbology
    Reading vedic texts translated into english is incredible. Yet, so much knowlege is there which is lost in the translation. language helps program the way we think.
    When ever your institution realises the power of Sanskrit , you will only wish you have done it sooner, bringing the awareness about this magical language to millions.
    I am here to share resources, if wanted. However, am still far from being a teacher of the Sanskrit language

    Another thing unrelated and not as important, but personally feels important because of the times we have been living in and our human history and conceptions. you need alot more staff with black people (people of colour). I know from a spirutal point of view one can say that i shouldn’t make the distinction and that we are all one and i should only take into account he person personality and not how they look like (sex and ethnicity) This is a luxury we can not afford in our times. if their is a group of people and all of them are white except their volunteer we have to ask ourselves why?
    I am not suggesting to hire someone into your team just because they are black, but you should look into amazing and wise people who are black and reach out to them. otherwise it can seems that spiritual growth and development is a privilege to some but not an option to all.
    Please take into consideration the colour of people skin, their gender and background. create a diverse space showing with your media that all types of humans have the same opportunities and are can be very wise and appreciated.

    1. Yeah, we actually have nothing to do with Jordan or anyone working with him anymore. We don’t like him or anyone willing to work with him. The reasons why are long and deserving of an article, but in short, they’re not really good people, just good actors. If I were you, I would demand a refund.

    1. just trying to get on to site and ask a question, seems difficult to do; is this site for real I wonder or with comment above, does it exist or is it dangerous. Just wanted to ask a question, genuine reader interested in spirit world as have had visits from a loved one and have questions.

  2. I just want to say Thank you :)

    I love you guys and you have been a serious tool in my Enlightenment process. Thank you again!

    1. That’s not us, that’s Jordan and we want nothing to do with him. Do some research on him and you’ll start to understand why. I will be writing an article about all that has happened over the last year and change from my personal point of view.

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