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Occupy Response

What did I think about Occupy Wall Street? Let me tell you!

Sorry about being so late on this one, there’s been a LOT going on with me lately and I hadn’t given myself the time to get this out there. I know that many Occupy movements are still going strong though, so I am providing the brochures we made for anybody who wants to print them out and share the love!

Links to the Brochure —

Spirit Quest 19 – Occupy Wall Street

We actually went out to Occupy WS 2 weeks ago, but we had to begin prepping for Zenergy and were taking care of other projects, so we couldn’t get this out until now. Enjoy!


Now, many people have asked me “How do you feel about Occupy Wall Street”, and although we went there and observed what it was like, I didn’t really express my ideas about it in the video. So here’s what I think.

First of all, there was absolutely no organization at all. I thought the media was twisting the story when they said “They don’t really know what they want”, but it’s actually pretty close to what I experienced while there. There are a lot of ideas and a lot of people who are working together and discussing what can be done though, so it’s not like a lost cause or anything like that. For this movement to actually completely change everything however, it definitely will need a little more unification than what is currently assembled.

— Yes, i know that Occupy was recently stormed by the storm-troopers and the empire is now closing in trying to crush the rebel movements all over the United States, but Occupy is fighting back, so perhaps this is the unity coming through right now —

I think Wall Street is definitely the beginning of people waking up. If anything, a LOT of seeds are being planted everywhere because of it. Ideas on the future, new understandings about how global systems should work, and perhaps even new technologies will come into the forefront because of it. I definitely support what’s happening here, it’s happening now, and it’s awesome!


Spirit Quest 18!

Now this is how you have a real Halloween Party!


~COME TO ZENERGY-11-11-11!~

I go as Patchman for Halloween, and then we talked about the universe.

Take what resonates, and leave the rest behind. There are no absolutes except the ones you create with your own perception. If you have a video of you discussing related topics (or anything similar), post it as a video response!