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You Think You Know About Voodoo? You Have To See This

In the mainstream western world, we have been taught that Voodoo is the spawn of satan, the root of all evil, blasphemy, and something that you don’t wanna get yourself mixed up in. At the very least, you might find the idea of a Voodoo doll humorous, something to mess around with and maybe extract revenge on some high-school bully who made you feel awful about yourself.

And of course, that makes sense, especially if what we know from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom taught us. You can get a Voodoo doll and stab your enemies in the back from a distance!

And yet… As I put together this Minute Faith episode, my entire world was flipped upside down.

Turns out theres a LOT of mis-characterization about Voodoo that is just plain…. Wrong!

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Buddhism in a Nutshell

Buddhism is truly one of the most simple religions on the planet. I say religion, because its an organized belief system, but to those who follow it, Buddhism is not a religion, but a philosophy, or a way of life.

The Principles of Buddhism are among the simplest principles for living on the planet, with the 3 Key things being “Leading a moral life” “Cultivating Awareness of our Thoughts and Actions” and “Continually Developing Wisdom and Understanding”.

The basics of Buddhism can be summarized in this video we put together!

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The Most Cosmic Religion in the World is not what you think ~ Dreamtime

Have you ever heard of Dreamtime? Also known commonly as “The Dreaming”?

Dreamtime is a faith that emerged within the Aborigines of Australia, and describes a vast and infinite void of potential realities that existed before the creation of this universe. Then, our ancient, ancestral versions of ourselves reached out through the potential waters of infinity and created matter, the earth, and all of the foundations of life.

Once creation had been established, they stepped back from their creation, and then put themselves INTO their creations as a part of it.

And thus, mankind, and all of life, inhabited the earth.

Check it out.

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Announcing Our New Video Series about the Worlds Faith!

“Why do people believe what they believe?” This has been a question that I have pondered for many years, and the worlds religions are the most ingrained form of belief, spanning back thousands of years and through countless threads and channels of religious beliefs.

Even as scientists, we strive to understand the basis behind these beliefs, in order to come to a more complete, and more unified understanding of the world.

Today, I’m excited to announce our new series “Minute Faith”, which takes a look at the worlds religions from a completely open minded view asking the question “What do they believe?”.

So far, there are 3 episodes out which you can see right here!

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