Announcing Our New Video Series about the Worlds Faith!

“Why do people believe what they believe?” This has been a question that I have pondered for many years, and the worlds religions are the most ingrained form of belief, spanning back thousands of years and through countless threads and channels of religious beliefs.

Even as scientists, we strive to understand the basis behind these beliefs, in order to come to a more complete, and more unified understanding of the world.

Today, I’m excited to announce our new series “Minute Faith”, which takes a look at the worlds religions from a completely open minded view asking the question “What do they believe?”.

So far, there are 3 episodes out which you can see right here!

This video series will be replacing Daily Divination every Tuesday and Thursday mornings on both Facebook and Youtube. If you want to be notified I reccomend subscribing to the new youtube channel – Spirit Studios.

Stay tuned, a lot more on the way!

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