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CERN proves that the Universe is in complete balance with itself

Do you ever think the odds of the universe are stacked against you?

Not so, says CERN, who with the help of researchers at Brazil’s São Paulo University (USP) and the University of Campinas, have demonstrated that the Universe itself is completely and wholly balanced in perfect symmetry with itself.

cernsnapThe study, more specifically, determined that there is a symmetry between the nuclei of particles and their antiparticles in terms of charge, parity, and time. The experiment one piece of an investigation to discover the differences between how protons and neutrons join in nuclei while their antiparticles form antinuclei.

“After the Big Bang, for every particle of matter an antiparticle was created. In particle physics, a very important question is whether all the laws of physics display a specific kind of symmetry known as CPT, and these measurements suggest that there is indeed a fundamental symmetry between nuclei and antinuclei,” said Marcelo Gameiro Munhoz, a professor at USP’s Physics Institute (IF), as quoted by

To learn more about the Science of this experiment, read here! 


So, what does this experiment have to say about us, as people? How does this discovery relate to you as a person or an understanding of the more… unknown aspects of life?

Truthfully, this discovery actually lends credibility to the 7 concepts of Hermeticism. The demonstration that all things are in complete balance between a fundamental yin and a fundamental yang – a harmonious and synchronous breakdown from the large particles to the small particles and vice versa: As Above, So Below. 

hermesspiraloflightThe concepts of Hermeticism largely express the ebb and flow and pattern that all of reality is made up by. Cause and Effect. Vibration (Up and Down), Gender (Male and Female), and Rhythm (it naturally flows from one to the next). The practical application of these principles are endless to any seeker who explores the concepts as more than just ideas for the mind – but physical action to put into motion.

That means, if you want to know… Read this. And really go deep.

Of course, CERN nor any university will ever actually talk about that and so it’s up to people like us to talk about it and make it known! Even with all of the mess that we have created on this planet from CO2 pollution to draining the reservoirs of all of their water, the output matches the input. There is a grand equals sign right smack in the middle of the equation of why its all happening.

We did it to ourselves, engineered the whole thing happen from the biggest fractals to the smallest… and the moment we fix it, it will be fixed. And of course, until then… Lets enjoy the ride.

With love,
Team Spirit

This One Technique Can Induce An Out of Body Experience

From ayahuasca to sensory deprivation tanks and shamanic journeys, to teas, elixirs and natural herbs. It seems everyone is looking to achieve an out-of-body experience and connect with the unknown. Why has it become such a craze?

An out-of-body or astral projection is something that everyone needs to experience, at least once. It is the single most soul satisfying experience, because it allows you to connect with all things in the universe. From meeting with guides, angels and fifth dimensional beings and the full experience of being one with creation itself. An out-of-body experience restores you to your natural state, prior to incarnation.

A true out-of-body experience will connect you with the energy of creation and allows your thoughts to create everything you experience. It can best be explained by the understanding that your third eye is like a movie projector, creating your existence as you walk through it. Everything is mental on the astral side, if you think it, it transpires right in front of you. You are in absolute control of the entire experience.

If fear or anxiety come in to play, the out-of-body will immediately cease and you will find that your consciousness has returned faster than a snapping elastic band.

If you can stay centered and be open, the length of out-of-body can be extended from what feels like a mere few minutes to a few hours of exploration. The best part of an out-of-body is that when you travel there is no notion of time. Time is non-existent, therefore you are free to travel to any point in your life at any time and to any place your mind can create. Continue reading