This One Technique Can Induce An Out of Body Experience

From ayahuasca to sensory deprivation tanks and shamanic journeys, to teas, elixirs and natural herbs. It seems everyone is looking to achieve an out-of-body experience and connect with the unknown. Why has it become such a craze?

An out-of-body or astral projection is something that everyone needs to experience, at least once. It is the single most soul satisfying experience, because it allows you to connect with all things in the universe. From meeting with guides, angels and fifth dimensional beings and the full experience of being one with creation itself. An out-of-body experience restores you to your natural state, prior to incarnation.

A true out-of-body experience will connect you with the energy of creation and allows your thoughts to create everything you experience. It can best be explained by the understanding that your third eye is like a movie projector, creating your existence as you walk through it. Everything is mental on the astral side, if you think it, it transpires right in front of you. You are in absolute control of the entire experience.

If fear or anxiety come in to play, the out-of-body will immediately cease and you will find that your consciousness has returned faster than a snapping elastic band.

If you can stay centered and be open, the length of out-of-body can be extended from what feels like a mere few minutes to a few hours of exploration. The best part of an out-of-body is that when you travel there is no notion of time. Time is non-existent, therefore you are free to travel to any point in your life at any time and to any place your mind can create.

It is important to remember that the heart is always your guide and will lead you to where you are looking to go. Most times, when you are looking for an out-of-body, you will not be in control of where you are going. The conscious mind lays down its sword to your heart center, and it leads you to what you are looking for and then the mind creates the experience.

Are you excited?! Your should be. Lets get started!

The origins of this technique date back to Ancient Egypt. A teaching passed on to only chosen initiates. And today, you are being given this technique.

I refer to this technique as the Earthquake of the Mind, as it comes from the ability to shake the energy of the metaphysical body or energy body loose from the physical body.

The inspiration for this technique has come from the Emerald Tablets of Thoth.

Deep in the silence, 
first ye must linger until at last ye 
are free from desire, 
free from the longing to speak in the silence.

Conquer by silence, the bondage of words.
Abstaining from eating until we have conquered 
desire for food, that is bondage of soul.

Then lie ye down in the darkness. 
Close ye your eyes from the rays of the Light.
Centre thy soul-force in the place of thine consciousness, 
shaking it free from the bonds of the night.

Place in thy mind-place the image thou desireth. 
Picture the place thou desireth to see. 
Vibrate back and forth with thy power. 
Loosen the soul from out of its night.
Fiercely must thou shake with all of thy power 
until at last thy soul shall be free.

The Steps

  1. Lay down flat on your back in complete darkness. Start by feeling the energy around you. Visualize your aura, this energy field that is always with you. This is your metaphysical body.

If you are having a hard time feeling your own energy try bringing your hands together about an inch apart from each finger tip, move them slightly apart and then back together over and over. You should first feel the warmth, when it starts to feel magnetic, you have found the energy.

2. Visualize the energy all around your body and bring your focus to your temples on either side of your eyes. Slowly start moving this energy back and forth from side to side on either side of your head.

3. Begin shaking your energy body. Shake it more and more, harder and harder, until finally your consciousness splits apart.

If the energy feels weak or if you can only slightly feel it, stay on step 2 and continue practicing before leveling up to vigorous shaking. You may need to practice this technique for several months if you are new to energy practice.

Happy travels!!

By LJ Vanier

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