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Scientists Believe the Universe is Littered With Billions of Dead Aliens

It is a question that has long loomed over us as humans, and has had scientists scratching their heads for centuries… Are we alone in this universe?

Recently, it seems as though two scientists undertaking research at the University of Washington might have come to a conclusion on the matter after reworking a decades-old equation used to calculate the possibility of life on other planets.

 It turns out, we weren’t looking in the wrong place, just the wrong time.

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The Drake Equation was first created in 1961, by Astrophysicist Frank Drake. It was used to estimate the number of advanced civilizations likely to currently exist within the Milky Way.

The Drake Equation calculated of the rate of formation of stars in the galaxy, the fraction of those stars that have a planetary system, and the fraction of civilizations that develop enough to release detectable signals into space, amongst other factors.

The University of Washington scientists, Adam Frank and Woodruff Sullivan, decided to adapt the Drake Equation, asking “Are we the only technological species that has ever arisen?” rather than “How many civilizations exist right now?” This eliminated a lot of guesswork that Drake’s original equation hinged on. Continue reading

Scientific Breakthrough: Octopus DNA Is Not From This World

According to a new breakthrough study, the Octopuses DNA is not of this world! That is right, their genome is far more complex than a human and contains around 33,000 protein-coding genes! This never before seen Alien DNA is nothing like anything else we have studied here on earth.

The Oceans are full of mysteries that we are still unlocking every year as marine biologists are able to go deeper and study with better technologies. Recently a group of researchers decided to look into the DNA codes around the cephalopods in order to better understand them.shutterstock_246512482

This classification covers various mollusks such as the squid, cuttlefish and of course the octopus. Scientists believe that their evolution goes back at least 500 million years which means they would even predate land plant species! The Octopus species are so versatile that they are at every depth and in every corner of the ocean.

They have some incredibly advanced biotechnology on them especially when you think about their sophisticated chameleonic skin color changing response, camera-like eyes, and extremely flexible bodies. Considering these are all invertebrates, they have a very large nervous systems as well. Continue reading

David Wilcock: The War For Disclosure is Reaching It’s Climax


Investigative journalist David Wilcock has released a massive new article discussing the geopolitical and exopolitical “behind the scenes” game that is taking place between the banking cabal and the positive alliance that is working to expose and end the cabal’s grip on our planet.

His insider sources are saying that things are coming to a crescendo… The article begins with David writing the following:

“The downing of a Russian airliner, the “heart attack” of the founder of Russia Today in DC, the stunning UFO-like missile test over LA, the Paris shootings and the Turkish attack on a Russian warplane may all be signs that the war for Disclosure is reaching its climax.

At least six different insider sources are telling us the Alliance has reached a huge decision: They have finally agreed to move forward with Disclosure.

Disclosure involves a tremendous release of classified information that will utterly change everything we thought we knew about the world today.”

Read the rest of the story here. 


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Five Alien Species That Are Already On Our Planet

Aliens are real.

Many species have and still are visiting our planet, many of them want to see us grow. Wether or not you truly believe in aliens, understand that fundamentally everything is made up of the same structure of geometries.

You and I and everything are fundamentally made up of the same geometries of creation. Something like an alien, a conscious being that exists outside of time, a fairy or even a thought, idea or concept are, at their core, a different expression of the same energy.




The Lyrans are believed to be our oldest ancestors, with some believing they were the first beings to organize a civilization in our galaxy.

Billy Meier, Swiss author and source of many UFO photographs, was one of the first people to speak about Lyrans, stating that they shared their origins with him.

He says:

“They have described their ancient ancestry, and consequently ours, as originating in a far sun-system in a star group near what we now know as the Ring Nebula of Lyra, for which we have called them Lyrans in the same manner as we refer to human beings from what we call the Pleiades.” Continue reading