Five Alien Species That Are Already On Our Planet

Aliens are real.

Many species have and still are visiting our planet, many of them want to see us grow. Wether or not you truly believe in aliens, understand that fundamentally everything is made up of the same structure of geometries.

You and I and everything are fundamentally made up of the same geometries of creation. Something like an alien, a conscious being that exists outside of time, a fairy or even a thought, idea or concept are, at their core, a different expression of the same energy.




The Lyrans are believed to be our oldest ancestors, with some believing they were the first beings to organize a civilization in our galaxy.

Billy Meier, Swiss author and source of many UFO photographs, was one of the first people to speak about Lyrans, stating that they shared their origins with him.

He says:

“They have described their ancient ancestry, and consequently ours, as originating in a far sun-system in a star group near what we now know as the Ring Nebula of Lyra, for which we have called them Lyrans in the same manner as we refer to human beings from what we call the Pleiades.”


Arcturians are believed to have existed for eons and eons, being one of the oldest species in our galaxy. They are referred to by many believers as a fifth dimension civilization.

Their home planet is believed to orbit just 200 light years away from earth – which, while relatively close, is still out of our reach.

But that doesn’t stop the Arcturians from reaching our planet, with their civilization being so much more sophisticated than ours.

Those who have interacted with the Arcturians say they are between 3 and 5 feet tall with black eyes and green skin. Old age and death do not plague their society.



Telosians are described as tall, blonde figures resembling humans that are believed to be survivors of previous Earth civilizations.

Many believe their largest earth city is located under Mt. Shasta in California.

Their society is also believed to be in contact with many other alien civilizations, including the Arcturians.

Admiral Richard Byrd was the first person to speak of the Telosians in his posthumously published diaries. He wrote of alien species that lived underground but were driven out from hiding by our use of nuclear weapons.

He wrote in his diary:

“Our interests rightly begins just after your race exploded the first atomic bomb over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. It was at that alarming time we sent our flying machines, the “Flugelrads” to your surface world to investigate what your race had done.“

“You see, we have never interfered before in your race’s wars and barbarity, but now we must, for you have learned to tamper with a certain power that is not for man, namely that of atomic energy.”

Alpha Centaurians

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Alpha Centaurians are, as the name might suggest, believed to originate from Alpha Centauri. They not only have the power to destroy us but any other alien species as well, thanks to their intelligence and curiosity.

It is believed they have many bases in our oceans and seas and, despite their power, they’re very kind to humans and have an urge to assist us.


Pleiadians are believed to be descendants of Lyrans and one of humans’ most trusted allies in the galaxy.


Their host planet is in the Pleiades star cluster, 400 light years from Earth. Their name comes from the Greek word ‘plein,’ which means ‘to sail.’

Billy Meier is also believed to have been one of their confidants. He says one female Pleiadian told him the following:

“We are neither guardians of Earth nor beings of God-sent angels or similar. Many persons suggest we are watching over Earth and her beings and would control their fates.

This is not true, because we only perform a self-selected mission which has nothing to do with supervising or regulating Earth’s fate. Thus it is wrong to expose us as superterrestrial messengers and guardians.”

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  1. I have been in contact with a race of beings or at least by one of them. He constantly visits me as I sleep. Speaks to me and gives me whole complete stories of people not of here but different societies. I have documented these stories which come to me in great details. They are in my computer.

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