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Music Quest – The Schoenberg

ShePatch, Vanessa Cuccia

The Schoenberg Method of composing music never gained any real popularity.  When I’ve played this style for my students, their responses are filled with words like scary, sad, weird, and crazy.  Maybe it’s because they are so young that they didn’t have my reaction when I first heard this kind of music, one summer during college. That summer I met a director and musician named Carlo Altomare, who introduced me to this method, also known as the twelve-tone technique. Action Painting – Naoki Iwakawa – Carlo Altomare – Excavation 1C – Theaterlab The twelve-tone technique is also known as the Schoenberg method because it was developed by Arnold Schoenberg (1874-1951).  Schoenberg was the first modern composer to embrace ways of developing motifs without resorting to the dominance of a centralized melodic idea.

Hold Me Loosely She-Patch

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Music Quest – the introduction

music |?myo?zik|
ORIGIN Middle English : Latin from Greek mousik? (tekhn?) ‘(art) of the Muses,’ from mousa ‘muse.’

quest |kwest|
verb [ intrans. ]
search for something : he was a real scientist, questing after truth.

Hi everyone. My name is Vanessa (aka, ShePatch). And I’m going on a music quest.
What this means, I’m not entirely certain. But I think that is what’s best for a quest. Add ‘ions’ and you’ve got questions. You can help me find the answers or simply watch as I try to do just that.

When I was very young and would listen to a song with a friend, I would ask sincerely, “Do you feel that?” My friend would reply, “Feel what?” And I would say, “when this song comes on the radio, I feel like my heart is pushing up against my ribs.” I couldn’t explain the feeling well back then, and though I’ve come to a better understanding of the sensation of love some songs provoke, I still can’t really explain it now. Music is in my heart, on my mind, many times coming out of my mouth and through my fingers. And though I discover the music inside me through singing, playing piano and listening, there are still many things about music I want to uncover. Continue reading