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The Two Most Powerful Realizations That Will Set You Free, Yes Really

Number 1: Plan A works, period.

If you must have a Plan B, it should be that Plan A works. Think of it as if there is no plan B, because it detracts focus from Plan A.  A backup plan is nothing more than a plan for failure.

That doesn’t ever really seem to compute with people. I mean they ‘hear’ it, agree, even cheer, but it doesn’t seem to make it through the computer all the way and out to the ‘output’ devices.

You see, your power is nearly infinite. Really, it is.

A a good friend posted this on facebook today.

With his permission I share it with you here:
Kevin BujisEarth We Are One

” I have no more time for people complaining and telling me things cannot be done. Everything is possible. Thoughts become things.

free burst

What you hold in your head, you will hold in your hand. When we place our focus on our desires and the outcome we desire, its exactly, and I mean, EXACTLY what the Universe will deliver.

Yes, the Universe Listens to EVERYTHING you say. You hold doubt in your heart, then it will give you reason for doubt. You hold strength and determination in your heart, the Universe Will, and Must bring you what you were determined to receive.

The entire Universe is an Organic Machine. You ask and you Will receive. It can be no other way.

So the next time you say to yourself, this is costing to much, or this cannot be done, or its not possible, or many people have gone before and failed, then I know who you are looking up too. Continue reading

Here’s What You Do When You Feel Like You Can’t “Find Yourself”

I understand the feeling, not being able to find yourself. It does make total sense, and also… It doesn’t, if you really think about it.

There are a lot of canned phrases out there that mean something other than they say.

For example, find yourself”. Where did you go? Are you somewhere other than where you are?

Where are you?

Higher-Self-and-the-LightbodyWhat’s usually happening when someone feels that way is that they are doing something that they have no idea how it benefits them…. It doesn’t feel like it does, and either you can’t see the pathway to it actually benefiting you, or it actually doesn’t.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference, especially when you are ‘subject’ to someone else’s control… Like a job, or even sometimes a young person living with parents, room mates, or the like.

When you become ‘dependent’ on something, as opposed to ‘interdependent with something’, it has a tendency to control as a means of extracting the equality that the universe requires.

Interdependence requires proactive able response from both sides of the equation, like two brain surgeons working together: Both are able. But the person under the knife is dependent on the surgeon, even if he is a brain surgeon, because his response is not able (i.e it’s hard to operate on your own brain)

dependenceNot to confuse dependent with anything wrong so to say… in a dependent environment, there are things asked of you in participation of your support, like a parent insisting a child take piano lessons. The expansion is super important and supportive, even if a child can’t yet see the value in it.

The determining factor then, in a dependent enviornment, is not you though, it is the quality of the intention of the one(s) you are dependent on…

Choice at that point becomes creating the transferring of dependence or creating interdependence. Incidentally, there is no such thing as independence, and that is most often what people mean when they say “struggling to find myself”.

What is ‘the self‘? Understand that you are made up of the same fundamental geometries that weave the very fabric of consciousness itself. There is nothing separate from you; only different expressions of the same energy.

With love,

Ray Kamille

How the Impossible Becomes Possible

What was once believed to be an irreversible law of physics, the second law of thermodynamics, simply confused the impossible with the improbable.

Let there be light!

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“Murphy’s law is often cited as a form of the second law of thermodynamics (the law of entropy) because both are predicting a tendency to a more disorganized state.”’s_law

Entropy, Murphys law, is however only one side of the equation, just as matter is in a constant motion and appears to become more disorganized over time, there is also the seemingly impossible organization of what ‘was’ into the miracle of life.

The proof of this discovery?  Life itself, the most improbable of probabilities.


The essence of life brings order and structure to that which breaks down.

Imagine a plant, that grows from a seed, structuring the chaos of the ingredients all around it, into breath, a brilliantly complex geometric puzzle of life.

You are that which is living, that which brings order to chaos. You are the majesty of the order of the universe.

Rejoice, YOU are the impossible, become possible, the improbable 1 in infinity, become YOU.

Let there be light.

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Ray & Jordan

3 simple things to observe that lead to ‘enlightenment’

Keeping it simple…

“It can scarcely be denied that the supreme goal of all theory is to make the irreducible basic elements as simple and as few as possible without having to surrender the adequate representation of a single datum of experience.”

– ‘Einstein’s razor’

The 3 simple things to observe that lead to ‘enlightenment’.

Observing these three simple things, time has no meaning, money is irrelevant, and the concept of selfish… evaporates like the morning dew.

1. Every creature, every person, every thing, every where, makes the very ‘best’ action, makes the very best choice… considering all the information they perceive.

our-lady-heaven-earth72 copy

 2. Every creature, every person, every thing, every where, is intimately connected to one another, as if it is, one grand organism.

sprouting-seed-72 copy

3. The very ‘best’ action, the very ‘best’ choice, is the one that considers every creature, every person, every thing, every where to the benefit of one another, as if it is in fact, one grand organism.


In truth, we are all one. We are all apart of each other. The observance and awareness of that connection between each other is what is known as Enlightenment, and the practicing of seeing that connection and acting upon it with virtue and honor strengthens bonds and builds powerful relationships, with ourselves, each other, and the higher connections that are far beyond our knowing in these physical vessels.

We are One,

With all of my love,