Astral Intimacy: Yes, You Really Can Have “Out of Body” Sex

Astral Projection is a real thing. Anyone can do it. Astral sex is also a real thing and it often goes hand in hand with Astral Projection also known as OBE’s or ‘out of body experiences’. It’s just one of the less discussed aspects of it.

For those of you who may not know, Astral Projection is the ability to have your soul consciously leave your body. Absolutely everyone can Astral Project at will, but it does require some research, practice, consistency and open-mindedness. Just like you how learn to walk, swim or ride a bicycle, Astral Projection is another skill you need practice to learn.

Every single night while we sleep, our Astral body is outside of our physical body. We are just not consciously aware of it. Astral projection is simply being able to stay consciously awake while our body is at rest. While out of body you are aware of the fact that we’re in another dimension every night while we sleep.

You will also realize you can easily get back into your body without issue. Your Astral Body is energetically connected to your physical body by a Silver Cord, (sometimes you can see it and sometimes you can’t) which ensures that you can always get back. In fact, it’s a lot easier to go back into your body than it is for you to stay out of it.

That is why, regardless of what you may have been told by superstitious or religious folks, it is absolutely not dangerous to practice A/P. You have no risk of dying, falling ill or being possessed by another entity. So don’t worry.

If you want to learn more about getting out of body, Check out Spirit Science Episode 9 on Astral Projection

Astral Projection is an absolutely incredible thing to do. It is also pretty limitless. You can do just about anything your mind can think of. You can fly around the world and spy on friends and family. You can check out the pyramids without permission or standing in line. You can explore the ocean, go cliff diving off the world’s highest cliff or even fly around Kruger Park in South Africa without fear of ending up a lion’s dinner. As I said. It’s incredible!

And yes, sex is definitely one of the things you can do. But no, it’s not like physical sex. Physical sex is based on penetration and has many limitations. In the astral realm you don’t have gravity holding you down. You don’t have arms and legs getting in the way. You don’t have to worry about STDs or pregnancy.

You don’t have to worry about social awkwardness or hidden agendas because you can feel each other down to the very core of your being. It’s a blending of souls, to a degree, which is a very powerful and passionate thing to do. This is why I stress this is also not to be taken lightly. As with normal sex, and just about anything enjoyable, this too can be addictive. (We humans just love our escapism..)

If you want to learn more about what astral sex is and how to experience it – check out this video by astral projection expert and hypnotherapist, Steve G Jones.

Written by Journalist, activist and researcher, Lara Starr

Astral Sex – How To Experience Out Of Body Sex, by Steve G Jones

5 thoughts on “Astral Intimacy: Yes, You Really Can Have “Out of Body” Sex”

  1. Talk about mind blowing experiences. I’m Sensitive to people things and situations, not exactly spiritual. I do see things I have a lot of dreams about ghosts – strange dreams about ghosts (but that’s another story). I average Astral Projection every 6 months. I have ended up in some strange situations precarious situations (my only win is I don’t have any fantasies about murder that I would end up at a crime scene in someone else’s body…hahahah). My first leave I was in a man looking through his eyes at a night club, I felt like I was spinning – I’m guessing he was drunk. He was working the room and and bumped into a woman who he grabbed inappropriately (I tried to let go) but as I found out, I was only a passenger. I felt everything smelt things even the taste of smoke in my mouth (I don’t smoke) and I haven’t drunk bourbon since. I must of been in this state for what felt like nearly 2 hours. The mind blowing part was as these 2 people were getting intimate in the lounge area of a club. I was being passed from person to person experiencing their orgasm. I lingered longer in the male while he was going through his staying for the whole episode – talk about blowing the top of my head off (ladies, we are ripped off… I can tell you that for nothing.). Lets say my husband was not to happy about my little Romp as I questioned him what I had experienced in every detail (comparing notes…eeek).
    Last night I experienced a Rape from a ghost, that was a first – not good
    I guess there are good sides and bad side to being able to do this. I have no control over how, when or where I end up. its Trippy

  2. For me its sureal.. I am good at obe and mostly go of to heal someone. However this night it was like I was somewhere else to have seks with a woman my first time. I took a ‘present’ with me. I have never slept with a woman but was cleary invited. The kissing and caressing felt strangly for me very good, comfortable. It was sensual and prizeless. The saying ‘goodbye’ pleasant ‘see you soon’.. we all dream at times about seks but bring back something of an intimite zone (hair) … that truly woke me up.. but if I could do it again I would

  3. There is a man, who named Yog. (…) Sha (…) He is living sexual relationship with women. When they don’t want him, he is giving sexual rape! He makes this acts for months, because this is a habit for him. There are many victims who abused by him. This man living sexual relationship with women whole night. He is a pervert because he has a castrated organ. A woman who is under his abusing knows this truth. If you are one of his victims, you will understand me and ypu will know his name. I am sure his victims are in different places. because he much more travels. If you are one of them please write to admin of site. And now I am requesting for admin of this site to give a permenant of publishing of this message. Somebody must to stop this pervert. Thank you.

  4. Wow, this is amazing. I’m so glad I found this page. Let me tell you what I have been experiencing, and I would like to get your take on this.

    This experience has happened twice now. After the second time, it really caught my attention. So, both times this happened, I was not fully asleep, but not fully awake – sort of in the “half asleep half awake” state, which is a very pleasant state to be in. Just a quick note: for the past few months I have been sleeping in a big fluffy recliner chair that I have in my living room, not in a bed lying flat.

    So what happens in this half asleep, half awake state is that I feel someone sit on my lap, with her back against my chest (I am a male, and it is a female sitting on my lap). Like was said in the video, there is no weight, so she’s not heavy on my lap, In this twilight state, I reach my astral arms around the front of this naked astral being, and I have the most pleasant erotic experience. I touch and caress her breasts, occasionally lightly pinching her nipples, and then occasionally sliding my hand down between her legs to touch her erotically there. What is absolutely AMAZING to me is that I feel texture, shape, and density during this experiences, and it feel like an absolutely real woman. Let me stress, this is NOT a dream I’m having, otherwise that would just be an erotic dream. This is in a wholly different, more aware state of consciousness. During these experiences, it feels so incredibly real and pleasurable, and what I have noticed in both of these experiences is that her breasts and body has felt the same each time. There is not any actual penetration (other than me touching her below), and I have no idea who this female being is. Whoever she is, she feels very peaceful and good – definitely really good energy. It’s like she comes to me and sits on my lap, cuddles up to me, and let’s me enjoy caressing her naked body. It’s the most amazing feeling.

    It’s very interesting, because I don’t really go to bed feeling aroused, but it’s like she comes and we cuddle and caress, and have a really pleasurable time. I can usually control the state of awareness I’m in, not letting myself fall totally asleep, but not letting myself fully wake up either. The whole experience is so pleasurable that I totally welcome having this experience again.

    About me – I am quite a spiritual person, and have spent many years practicing meditation and yoga. My dreams are very vivid, and i receive a lot of information through my dreams. This state of consciousness is unique, and one that is very pleasant, consistent, and real feeling.

    I would love any thoughts or wisdom about this. Thank you! Namaste.

    1. Hi James, hopefully you get this if not oh well. You say you dont know who this person is? Are you sure? There inst someone you’ve taken a like to or vice versa? I have been having a similar occurrence and wonder if im just going crazy or if there really is something to this. Ive recently met a man who i desire i feel on a deep level, more than sex, while getting to know each other over a couple months it felt like there was something deeper there. We are still friends and all but i get this sensation at times someone is touching me and it is mind blowing, hopefully it is him and the connection i felt was real in the beginning of our friendship. Its like someone actually penetrating me and i almost cant control myself. Thankfully i am alone anytime it has happened but it is quite stunning to my body, like orgasm. I have just begun a spiritual journey as my life has taken a 180 in the last year and it has been a blessing in disguise. Twin flames has also caught my eye recently so maybe do some research on that and see what you think. I do find it interesting though, anytime i look up this astral sex or twin flame experience all articles are somewhat recent, within the last few years. Maybe, something is happening in the spiritual world that is coming into life as we know it.

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