8 Celebrities Who Believe in Ghosts, Aliens & The Supernatural

Living in the public eye 24/7 can definitely have its downsides. For one, we can learn the most intimate details of a celebrity’s life without ever having met them. So it’s no surprise that some have been pretty open about their beliefs in the supernatural and reincarnation.


1. Helena Bonham Carter

No stranger to the weird and bizarre, Carter has a psychic friend on-call. Most recently they were used for de-ghosting her house and consulting about taking the role of Elizabeth Taylor in the BBC biopic “Burton and Taylor”.

“I told him I was in a real dilemma about the role, and he came back with the answer, ‘intellectually it makes no sense whatsoever, but emotionally it’s a nine out of ten’”. Her aunt is also an astrologer that she consults for advice as well.

2. Sammy Hagar

The former Van Halen frontman claims that he was visited by aliens as a boy and that aliens abducted him in 1967 to communicate telepathically.

“So I’m lying in bed. I feel like I’m dreaming that there are these little aliens- 2 guys sitting in this ship up on the hill behind us about 11 miles away… I could see that they had something plugged into me. I mean a wireless thing”. After the ordeal he woke up to white and then suddenly everything went black before he started shaking.

He also had a paranormal experience with his father. One night he awoke to a knock on his door where he saw his father visibly drunk, so he slammed the door in his face and told him to leave. A few minutes later he got a phone call from his sister saying their father had just died. It’s a shame we never got any Van Halen songs about these experiences.

3. Shirley MacLaine


You just have a list about celebrities and the supernatural without Oscar winner Shirley MacLaine.

A firm believer in reincarnation, she recalls many previous lives such as that of an Egyptian princess, a Moorish peasant lover of Charlamagne and even a citizen of the mythical city Lemuria.

She’s also had numerous encounters with UFO’s at her home in New Mexico because of, she claims, the high crystal concentration, “crystals amplify the consciousness,” she says “they’re attracted to that crystal amplification”.

We’re hoping she sticks around for a while longer since she’s clearly our key to discovering inter-dimensional space travel.

4. Halle Berry

On the set of her biopic film “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge”, she claims to have been aggressively haunted by Dorothy’s ghost after holding on to one of the dresses after filming. Water boiling on its own and even a floating doll dress are just a few events witnessed by Berry.

“When the film was over, I desperately wanted to keep her dress, but it had to go. And then everything was fine”. Her connection to Dorothy doesn’t stop there, as there’s also evidence she may be her reincarnated.

Similar facial features, being born a year after her death, born in the same city and even the same career path strengthens the theory. Maybe Dorothy was just upset she never got cast as Catwoman?

5. Fran Drescher

The world’s most famous nasally voice believed that her and ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson were destined to be together because they were both abducted by aliens when they were younger. “We were both in junior high. A few years later, we met, and we realized that we had the same experience. I think that somehow we were programmed to meet.”

They had the idea that they had both been implanted with tracking chips and have matching scars from the incident. I’m not so sure it was in the extraterrestrials plan for them to divorce however.

6. Phil Collins


After nerve damage in his arms made it difficult to continue drumming, Collins became heavily invested in American history, specifically the Battle of the Alamo. He was given a receipt for a horse saddle that was sold by John W. Smith, an American soldier who survived the battle.

Later, a psychic at a party told him he was named John W. Smith in a previous life, having no knowledge he owned the receipt of the man. “Oh my God. The very first thing I bought was a receipt from John W. Smith when he had to sell his saddle. It’s my most prized possession.”

A photo of the Alamo also has glowing orbs which paranormal investigators believe to be wandering spirits. “I’m prepared to believe. You’ve seen the pictures. You can’t deny them, so therefore it is a possibility that I was here in another life”. Perhaps John W. smith could feel it in the air that night that he would one day be Phil Collins.

7. Sylvester Stallone

Sly doesn’t seem like the type to have supernatural beliefs, but Rocky himself thinks he was once a victim of the French Revolution on the receiving end of the guillotine. He said to someone at a party once that it’s not so bad, “oh no, it doesn’t hurt. You don’t feel anything except your head hit the basket”.

This isn’t the first time he thinks he’s been reincarnated; he also believes he was a boxer that was killed in the ring in the 1930s and possibly a Guatemalan monkey at another time. He’s already played a boxer, I’d pay some good money to see Stallone play a monkey.

8. Steven Seagal

It may be hard to imagine, but the violent B-movie icon is recognized by the Buddhist community as the reincarnation of 17th century translator and teacher Terton Chungdrag Dorge.

This makes him a prominent figured in the Buddhist hierarchy being one step down from the Dalai Lama himself. Tibetan spiritual leader Penor Rinpoche said Seagal had correctly identified the dead lama’s possessions to give legitimacy to the claim.

But he isn’t too focused on the idea, “I have said that I don’t believe it is very important who I was in my last lives. I think it is important what I do in this life. And what I do in this life is only important if I can ease the suffering of others, if I can somehow make the world a better place”. I’m not entirely convinced that Under Siege 2 has made anyone’s life better, but who am I to judge?

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