The Power Of Positivity: 10 Of The Kindest Compliments You Can Give

Can you recall how you felt the last time you gave or received a compliment? If you think about it, receiving a compliment is kind of like receiving a gift. It is a bundle of positive energy being passed on to you in the form of appreciation. The right compliment can make someone’s day, cheer the person up and help them feel appreciated. In turn, it also makes you feel good too! That is part of the beauty of this gift. Giving and receiving is beneficial for both parties.

This little bundle of appreciation can actually have a pretty big impact, especially when it is sincere and when it comes straight from the heart. Listed below are 10 of what we consider to be some of the best compliments you can give or receive. If you manage to hear one or more of these, give yourself a pat on the back. It means you’ve probably influenced another person in a very positive way!

1. “You are always there for me”

shutterstock_264779042Everyone needs a shoulder they can lean on every once in awhile. Being the person others can rely on can have a lot more impact on people than you think. Maybe another functions as that person for you. If that is the case, this is a beautiful compliment to pay them.

2. “You always manage to put a smile on my face”

In the darkest times, it is important to find some positivity. In some cases, that speck of light comes in the form of a person that is able to make you smile. When a smile is created, a gateway is opened to more happiness.

3. “You always see the glass half full”

Different situations can be viewed in different shades of light. When looking at a situation from a negative perspective it may cause people to stress and shut down to solutions. Having a person around that points out the bright side of things will make it easier to process the situation. This can also help to create new solutions to work with, being more open to new input. Optimism is always good!

4. “You are/would make such a great parent”

Being a parent means you are of the greatest influence in a child’s life and a major factor on how this young person turns out to be. When someone tells you would make or you are a great parent, it means they acknowledge your value in the life of this child. Truly a gem of a compliment.

5. “You are as beautiful on the inside as you are the outside”

Receiving a compliment about your physical appearance is a nice little ego-boost. Receiving a compliment about your inside is a compliment with deeper meaning. You are being recognized and appreciated for your personality AND your looks. Bonus!


6. “You are such a great example to others”

To function as an example for others is like being a frontrunner and being a frontrunner is never easy. Being recognized as an example or a role model to others is a compliment on its own. But when someone acknowledges  you as a good example, you are truly deserve to feel a sense of pride.

7. “You are a breath of fresh air”

Imagine being served an ice cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day.  Sometimes you don’t even realize how much you were missing it. Only when it stands in front of you do you truly see the value. Well, if you managed to be someone’s glass of ice cold lemonade, then good job! In your daily life, you might be so stuck in a routine you might not even realize it. When a person suddenly gives you a new way of thinking or just stops the autopilot on your routine, they are worthy of a nice compliment such as this one.

8. “You are such a trustworthy person”

People you can truly trust are quite scarce. When you are being called a trustworthy person, cherish it and take this gift to heart. It takes quite a bit of effort for some people to confide in others. Being that special person others can confide is in many ways a gift to them. You make others feel safe, heard and many times understood. Make sure you find your own trustworthy person, it is important you can do your say as well so now and again.

9. “You truly walk the walk”

shutterstock_401072437It is easy to talk about all the things you can and will do, as they say, ‘talk the talk’. But when it really comes to it, what is really done? It becomes a whole different story. Suddenly it seems to be quite a bit harder than just talking about it.

When a compliment is being made that you walk the walk, you are true to your word. Not only that, you back your word up with deeds. A beautiful recognition and something to be proud of as a trait.

10. ‘”Thank you for being you”

This compliment sounds simple but has such a deep meaning and is one of the most beautiful bundles of words you can ever get. When someone pays you this compliment, this person not only fully accepts you for who you are but also appreciates you. Nothing more and nothing less. It is an acknowledgment of and appreciation for you being in this person’s life.

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