5 Fun Facts About The Zodiac Sign: Leo

Leo’s are great people, I know, because I am lucky enough to be dating one myself!

Known for oozing self-confidence with their super fire charged energy, and with their wonderful loyal nature, they make for fantastic friends.

And since it’s the lion’s time to shine this month, what better time to highlight all the awesome traits a Leo possess?

Here are 5 awesome facts about Leos:

shutterstock_357384734 (1)Leo’s give good advice


Confident and head strong, a Leo is always a good person to ask for advice, they won’t allow you to wallow in self-pity and will tell you exactly what they think.

Leo’s are cheerful

Optimistic and fun, Leo’s are happy people. They love to make others laugh and they are really good at brightening up even the saddest person’s day.

Leo’s are motivational

Leo’s won’t stop at nothing if they want something, they usually set and achieve all their goals. Their ambition and drive is contagious – they will encourage and cheer you on to success along the way!

Leo’s love is powerfulshutterstock_128227103

Leo’s have massive hearts, they are incredibly passionate and truly put 100% into loving. If you love a Leo and he/she loves you, you can expect that love back tenfold!

Leo’s Love to have fun

Leo’s zest for life and fun makes them the life of the party, they won’t turn you down when you need a party buddy and they are bound to help you have a great time!

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