6 of The Biggest Regrets People Have When They Look Back On Their Lives

Isn’t it ironic? Most of us live each day doing things we don’t want to do, waking up each morning to go to a job we secretly hate, forgetting about all the things and people that make us happy because we have barely enough hours in a day left to do what we actually want to do?

And then, once we reach retirement age not only are we too old and unhealthy to do the things we loved when we were young, but we end up looking back regretting how we lived, regretting not making the time for ourselves, and thinking about how we would do things differently, if we had another chance.

We need a reminder before it is too late, what is important to YOU? You still have the time to do life your way! These are the most common regrets people have when the look back at their lives, when it’s too late to go back and change it:

Not being courageous enough to be themselves

Of course, in today’s society who is real? Who is really themselves? Pretending to be who we are not, just to fit in. Doing things they felt they should do rather than the things they wanted to, or loved to do.

Staying in an unhappy job and not taking risks


While similar to number one, this regret is based on our careers, many of which are chosen for us by pressurizing parents, or, if things did not go well, we end up in a job just to have one.

Usually one we really don’t enjoy. Working 40+ hours a week, having a less than a month off in a year to vacation, our jobs are clearly a massive part of our lives.

We end up regretting our lives, spending all those hours a day doing nothing for ourselves. Are you willing to give up your big house and fancy clothes for a cut in pay, but to be happy? You might want to consider doing it, if you don’t want to grow old regretting not taking the risk.

Not spending Enough Time with Family

Family is so often taken for granted. How about actually going to your nephews birthday party? Before you know it, he will be 18!


How about declining to help your college with extra work, while you might not score brownie points, your children would love to spend a day with you!

Stop waiting, because tomorrow could be too late.

We don’t live forever, our parents, our siblings, they won’t be around forever. And what could be worse than the regret of knowing you wanted to see them, but never did?

Hiding Our true feelings

We probably regret not expressing our true feelings every now and then, but imagine being close to death knowing if only you were honest, you could have been so much happier? Every day that passes without us being true and honest is another piece of your soul wasted.

Tell that person you care for them, express your love! Stop holding onto a relationship you no longer have interest in. Not only are you cheating yourself out of happiness, but you are depriving them of it too.

Forgetting our friends

shutterstock_379795546Yes, it’s normal to drift apart from friends, we all grow and change. But we all have that special friend or friends who moved to another city or started a family before you did.

Perhaps you feel it’s too much effort to go visit, or you feel they have changed too much. Perhaps you keep putting off saying sorry to that one friend you care for.

But just because you have a different life, does not mean you should forget them. Just because you had an argument, does not mean you shouldn’t suck up your pride and just say sorry. Reconnect with your friends, because just like with family, tomorrow could be too late.

Never having fun

This seems to be a big regret, people wish they had made the time to have real fun. Instead of working or trying to make everyone happy, putting themselves first and getting off the couch.

When you are old and wrinkly, you can watch TV and do less exciting things, because I can assure you, you probably won’t want to have fun the way you were able when young! Do the things you love and enjoy every moment. Forget about your problems and just have FUN.


H/T: Life Hack

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