What Your 6 Dominant Personality Traits Are According To The Zodiac

Every zodiac sign is known for its core traits and personality characteristics. The signs influence who we are and how we deal with people and life. They play a huge part in what sort of person we are, and while their impact in our lives is often over looked, just because we aren’t aware of this impact, does not mean they don’t still have a direct effect on us and our personalities.

While some signs are relaxed and calm, others are hot tempered and opinionated. Of course, these traits and personality differences can vary quite a bit between each sign, and many other factors come into play causing varying degrees of each trait.

What makes you unique? Do you think that your personality rings true to your zodiac sign? Have a look at these flip cards to discover your zodiac signs 6 dominant personality traits and let us know in the comments if you think yours is accurate or not.

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