Six Innovative Ways To Help Make Your Office More Eco Friendly

Whether you are the boss or an employee, there are so many ways to create a more planet friendly office space, and they don’t even require much effort or any major changed. We’ve compiled a list of six simple things you can do to help save the earth from your office chair.

Get Real Living Plantsshutterstock_266491322

So many offices have synthetic plants, and apart from zero maintenance they do nothing good.

Having real plants in your office will help purify the air all while giving off oxygen and consuming carbon dioxide.

According to The NASA clean air study, 15-18 decent sized plants per 1,800 square foot is a good ratio. Make sure you choose air cleaning and oxygen producing plants such as Aloe, Spider Plant or Snake Plant.

Stop Printing Things

There usually isn’t much real need for printing anymore. We store all data on computers now a days, we don’t even need to print things to sign them anymore, thanks to digital signatures.

Did you know that it takes twice the amount of energy to make paper than it does to produce a plastic bag? And, did you know that offices in the US use around 12 trillion sheets of paper per year? Additionally, 25% of all landfill waste is paper – which is pretty shocking!

Furnish Your Office With Used Items

Not only will it save you money, but buying pre loved furniture such as desks, book shelves and credenzas instead of having them custom made is a huge win for the forests! Plus, there are tons of used furniture out there, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Car Pool

Carpooling not only saves the environment because of less toxins being produced by each car, but will also save you money in fuel and general wear and tear on your vehicle.

Turn Your PC Offshutterstock_275161592

At the end of each day, switching the power off at your desk completely is a great saver of both energy and money because your computer and other devices still draw power when you aren’t using them.

Setting your computer to go into sleep mode when you aren’t around is another way to help save energy when you aren’t at your desk.

Get The Right Support

If you aren’t the boss, getting your colleagues and those in charge more interested in your efforts is a really good idea. These simple but effective habits have an even greater impact when the whole office is on bored.

Reuse, Reduce and Recycle everything you can, especially collectively, will really help preserve and protect the planet


H/T: Life Hack

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