These 5 People Died & Came Back To Life; Here’s What They Experienced:

“No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.” – Steve Jobs

There are countless records and researched cases of past life experiences that suggest the possibility of life after death. In nearly every single documented case of reincarnation, there was found to be a variable period of time between a person’s death, and their next reincarnation. So what happens when we die? Are there several planes of existence in this potential “limbo?”shutterstock_110152262

Well, when we die, our physical body remains here on Earth, while our life energy (Prana-Shakti) is released into the universe. Basically, though we cease to exist, our consciousness continues.

The following 5 people have experienced death, and life-after-death. They discuss what they saw, felt, and heard during the time between this reality, and the next.

1.  TheDeadManWalks  was undergoing chemotherapy at the age of 15. He was afflicted with sepsis and his colon became infected. He started hemorrhaging blood and was rushed to a hospital, where he slipped in and out of this world several times. He explains his life-after-death experience like “hitting a snooze button on your alarm.”

“So if you want to know what it’s like to be that close to death, it’s tempting. It’s like wanting to hit the snooze button on your alarm at 7am. And maybe you do hit it once or twice but then you remember that you have work or school and that sleep can wait because you’ve still got shit to do.”

2. Schneidah7 died temporarily from a motorcycle accident. After  hitting a light pole while traveling at 50mph, he passed into a state of darkness. He says he woke up because someone was yelling at him.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 1.46.00 PM“When I opened my eyes I saw my brother squatting on the pavement next me to. This was odd because my brother has been dead from an OD for several years. I couldn’t really gather the presence of mind to speak so I just looked at him.”

3. At the age of 5, SonOfDavor nearly died in a swimming pool when his mother thought he was just ‘playing around.’ He now has shimmering visions because of that experience.

“There was nothing between that moment and throwing up water after he pulled me out of the pool. Though I can remember with absolute clarity how the water made everything shimmer as I was looking up, and sometimes I see that swimming shimmer as I’m walking around outside or if the light is really bright.”

4.  7storiesup needed eye surgery at the age of 7. Due to complications with his asthma, the anesthesia for the surgery caused his heart to stop, and he died. This left him with a rather bleak view of death,

“It also isn’t some magical experience… you’re just sleeping, except sometimes you can wake up from it, like I did, and sometimes you can’t. It is sad though cause it’s nothing… life is smelly and loud and busy and interesting and fun and colorful and death, death is absolute nothingness.”shutterstock_376051666

5.  minusthelela had no pulse for ten full minutes, and was dead from heart failure.

“Eventually the room went black and a feeling of peace came over me, like I was going to sleep. I didn’t see anything good or bad, just emptiness.”

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  1. My out of body experience happened one night. My journey in life is to be kind, good, nice, truthful, to love, and I get upset when people do wrong things to others. One day I had a friend that goes to church and invited me to go, but I asked why I should go and she said to learn about God. My answer was that i can know God by reading the Bible, and she could not explained why she has to go to Church. Well, I decided to read the Bible myself to find my answers. I started this journey with a simple prayer. God teach me because I want to know the why to all this denominations (Catholics, Christians, Buddha and so forth). At that time my husband was in Korea and guess what…to my surprise, he felt to read the Bible at the same time. So we both finished reading the Bible in depth in 3 years. I had many experiences reading the Bible and one was experiencing God’s love for seconds. That love was not earthly love. Is so pure and amazing. Going back to the beginning, I prayed that night to God to show me what was that about the Holy Spirit. Well that night I was on bed sleeping and my spirit was out of my body and I was close to the ceiling watching my body on my bed and laying down next to my husband. During that time I was aware of who I was and knew that was my husband, but I had an immense and undiscribable peace not of this world. There is no existent of needs, wants, sorrows, sadness, illness or need to come back because of husband or family. I was aware of me, my face was angelical, very soft and light pink (like a porcelain doll), and I did not want to come back, but from my inside I said…I NEED TO GO BACK, and then my spiritual body layed on top of my body that lays on my bed and i woke up and saw me and my husband in the same position I was watching from above. On 12/23/2018, I went to bury my 47 year old brother. Is a long story for next time, but 30 minutes before his death, he told his wife that God just told him he was going to be taken like he took Moses, then he went to the bathroom and his wife went to check on him because he was taken to long. She found him laying down and dead. I still cry the loss of my youngest brother but I know he is in a better place. There is a purpose for each of us in this earthly life. Maybe to find how to love, to forgive, to find inner peace, to enjoy life, to enjoy earth (creation), to reverse all negative thoughts with good thoughts. Instead of choosing bad, choose good. Here in earth, the mind battles, but let feed our minds with all good thoughts. Love you all. From a lady in Alaska.

  2. There is something.

    My great grandfather helped raise me for two years after my parents divorced. My mother took me to Texas with her…4 states away from my dad and brothers. Eventually, my mom got into partying and was very unstable, and I went to live with my dad. I was 7 years old. I missed my grandpa, we were close…I use to watch shows with him every evening, he would cook for me, and we would play horse shoes together, and talk.

    After I moved to my dads, I lost all contact with my grandpa for the next 25 years.

    I lived in the country, on a dead end road with my husband and two young boys. We had a sectional in the living room, and my husband fell asleep on one side….and I was watching a movie. It was getting ate, and I shut my eyes to see if I could sleep. However, when Inshut my eyes, I should have seen darkness or my own thoughts….but I was no longer in my dark living room with the tv playing…I was in sunlight and standing in front of a stone church. I remember being confused and asking where am I? I’m not asleep….what am I seeing , what is this? As soon as I thought this….the bell at the top of this church started to ring in 3s. It was loud, and this scared me…so I sat straight up, my heart pounding…and I realize I’m in my living room and my tv is still playing…and I think, Thank God…it was just a dream, even though I wasn’t asleep.

    At that moment, that mother fucking bell went off loud as ever in my living room! I swear to God! There are no churches on the dead end street and we are 20 minutes out of town. I jumped up off that couch and grabbed my husband to wake him up. This bell was so loud, and it came in 3s. My husband jumped up, and turned the lamp on to see what the hell was wrong with me. This is scared now…because I can see his lips moving, but I can’t hear him…because this fucking bell is so loud….then I realized, he couldn’t hear it…only I could. I could see his eyes squinted and his face distorted looking at me, because here I am screaming…Can your hear it! Can you hear the bell! This bell is so loud, I could not even hear myself screaming to my husband rut in front of of my face.

    I started crying because I didn’t know what was going on…the only time I could hear myself or my husband, was the pause between the 3 rings of the bell.

    Slowly, after about 30 seconds or so, the bell started to fade down, and lower.

    I was a mess…my husband had grabbed a blanket and wrapped me up, then put me on the couch with him…between the back of the couch and him. I was crying hysterically and so hard, because I didn’t know what was happening, and I thought I had cracked up…and my husband thought about taking me to the hospital because I had cracked up. And I was so hysterically crying from it, that all I could say, or speak to say…was, “somebody is going to die” I could barely talk, and I was not consciously saying this…because I felt I was in shock from this experience, yet that’s all the words I could get out over and over between the crying and pure terror of what had just happened.

    Somehow laying there between my husband and the couch, I fell asleep within minutes…which is weird, because under normal circumstances that would never happen.

    I feel like God put me to sleep, or I did out of shock, I just shut down.

    The next morning my husband and kids went to school and work…and I was left alone. I re,entered what happened, but was too frightened and confused to think about it anymore.

    I got dressed, am decided it was stress induced hallucination…and I drove myself 2 hours to old downtown Cape Girardeau…next to the river, known for its boutique shops, and restaurants along the river…one of my favorite places to go when I’m stressed.

    I had forgotten al about the incidence midday…and had bought candles, incents, and other stuff from the shops…I started heading home before the kids got home from school.

    On my way home, my dad called me on my cell phone…he said, your mom and her whole side of the family are coming up to Illinois….your grandpa died last night.

    Oh my God, I couldn’t believe it….I knew then, it was real…not a hallucination, not stress induced, it was real.

    I went to grandpas funeral a few days later.

    I found out later, that what I heard was called the “British death knell”

    In the 1800s, when somebody in the village was about to die, they rang the church bell to alert the people.

    I also found out, that my great grandpa was of British heritage, too.

    This story is true, and in my eyes…proves there is something else out there.

    You better believe there is….because there is.

  3. I OD. I remembered an electrical power down then an electrical power up. Thought the person on top of me was killing me. But had a spoon down my through and beating on my chest. Now I know and feel others emotions and so much more if a person is close to death and feel people that have passed on and worst know the future. Not a gift freaks people out. I have taken away a person’s pain only to feel it myself never do that again fuk it hurt for days gave her relieve. It suck there is things I just don’t want to know the worst is a bad person I see black one time red that scared the sht out of me i felt he had killed or was a really bad person. I recently gave my daughter my servalanse camera i was sleeping in the room with my grandbaby she said there was white things shooting around and one circling my head and glitches like the light coming on and off real fast. At home when I used camera in my living room I saw the same but thought it was flys nats idk. Any way it has never done that at her house until I was there sleeping next to my grandbaby. It’s really freaking us out what are they I’m praying angels and not souls.

  4. Gerry really pls tell the truth pls did u really see jesus i want the truth im not scared of the truth just tell me what really happened are u saying this to keep people not afriad just tell me what u really saw i wont be scared im not scared pls

  5. My name is justin i believe but doubt at the same time im scared of death but i look for these kind of stories for confort because i do want there to be a after life so i want be scared

    1. Death is but an illusion. There is no afterlife because there is only life. Energy never dies, it simply changes forms. Also, usually, actions based on fear will cause fear to become a reality.

        1. Says the fool who believes there was such a person by the name of Jesus when there is no J in Hebrew… You are welcome to believe whatever you want, but personally, I like to stick to the facts. Also, if you’re going to tell a story, tell the whole story, not just the parts you like most.

          1. Jesus is the English form of his name and that’s what’s in the Bible. Really he spoke Aramaic and his actual name was Yeshu’a. You can see the evolution from Hebrew to Aramaic to Greek to English here:
            It seems that “Y” names in Hebrew and “I” names in Greek/Latin were anglicized to be “J” names.

    2. Hi Justin, I tried to write you a message and will do so tomorrow, I am 5 days after a double valve replacement. Unfortunarely my smart phone lost something I wrote for two hours. I think you may want to hear this, going to rest now. Will speak tomorrow, I am in South Africa, after midnight here. Keep well, Neels. Oh yes, there is some serious life after feath.

    3. Hi Justin
      Don’t be afraid.
      I would like to share an experience I had not 20 days ago.
      I was in my bed praying in thought, lying as I always do before I slept.
      I asked Jesus if I could speak to Him because I considered myself prepared.
      Suddenly my breath was cut off. I could not breathe.
      I do not know how many seconds passed, but I saw myself, clearly leaving my body.
      I found myself lying on the bed and I was floating just above, leaving.
      It gave me desperation and I cried to Jesus that I was not ready for death. At the same time, I tried to return to my body, as if literally swimming. I beat my arms to return to my body.
      I thought of my wife and my son who still need me.
      The feeling I had in addition to the fear and despair was the lack of my body as if it were the clothes that I liked the most.
      I never thought that the body was so important and had so much power over our spirit or soul, I don`t know.
      But I came back and started breathing again.
      I believe that Jesus taught me that for me to speak to Him I must die.
      I don’t know if I had not despaired, maybe I could have the greatest experience of my life, but the fear of dying was stronger.
      Only one thing I can tell you, Justin. Jesus Christ There is and is the Lord of life and death.
      l didn’t dream that because l wasn’t sleeping.
      Until now I don’t understand what that means.
      The only thing I know is that talking to Jesus or maybe other beings of His dimension is not like sitting with friends at a table and having a chat.
      I still tell you, don’t be afraid. Prepared I think no one or very few are.
      Ton Anthony

  6. I didn’t die, but from what I have heard when you die you go through a stage of peacefulness, like keeping your eyes open until you can’t no more and then allowing yourself to go to sleep, then going through a bright tunnel and seeing every loved one who has ever died before you, I am not some gullible kid I did my research, but I’ve always had this fear of dying, because I was afraid of just seeing blackness and nothing, like not dreaming when your sleeping ur just there. That’s what I’m scared of and these stories that I’m hearing make me feel better about it, but then others make my fear grow.?

    1. “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.” Energy cannot be created or destroyed as far as I am aware and thus death itself is but an illusion. Personally, I very rarely ever dream. I can tell when I’ve had a dream but can’t remember the dream. What I experience is what you say you fear and to be honest, it’s rather peaceful, but never seems to last long enough. It’s often as if I blinked and now it’s a new day…

    2. Hi Samantha, I feel the same way you do. I have always been afraid of dying! And its even worse now because I lost my 19 yr old daughter 2 yrs ago. I am obsessed with knowing what happens when we die. I am so depressed I can’t wk or sleep normal hrs. I need a sign from her! :(

  7. Was struck by 20 lbs of steal fell 20 ft crushed skull heard shrill ringing in ears tumbling through space smell of flowers going through funnel could hear people talk at industrial accident sight could see what appeared to me to be Jesus dressed in a beautiful cloak as we approached he slowly disappeared at thar point I regained conscienceness transferred to hospital to remove broken bone in skull happened age 22 now 68 remember it like yesterday thought I was dead as I tumbeled thru space wasn’t fearful but very serious by the image of Jesus . I am not sure I was dead but this is what I went thru . A friend asked me what I experienced and he said it is what he read in a book and that got my attention. Was quite the trip to recovery still taking meds for controlled eppilepsy .I think the experience made me a better person and very thankful to Our Lord for a chance at a full life

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