The Fundamental Differences Between Your Ego And Your Soul

Do you know the difference between your Soul, and your Ego? The moment you do, it can be a huge transformation!

Your ego is the mask you wear, the false image you have of yourself and your labels and position in society.

Your Soul is the true you, the you behind the mask and labels, your spirit and essence. It cannot change as your soul is the you, you are born as.


When your ego is in charge you find yourself repetitively thinking and doing. You negative emotions consume you and you seek outside validation. Inside your mind you constantly think about the things you are failing at, you have much self-doubt and self-criticism.

You feel that you are only as good as what you have, like money or your job, and what other people think matters more than anything. If anyone says something that hurts your ego you are easily bruised.

You cannot handle any outside criticism. We all need our ego and it has a purpose, but don’t allow it to rule and run your life. It’s not the real you.

When your soul is in charge, everything is synchronized and everything feels “right”. You follow your intuition and gut feelings, you accept yourself and truly love yourself despite the flaws your ego brings to your attention. Your happiness is not dependent on desire and you easily forgive yourself and others.

shutterstock_346780844You are not influenced by the media and advertising and what you want is not a reflection of what ego tells you, you want.

You do not feel fear but free and your understanding of life is enhanced as you follow your own path and allow life to unfold without trying to control it.

While we don’t always pay attention to our souls, it’s always there! With meditation, grounding, stillness and being authentic we can build confidence in our souls.

By listening to our inner voice instead of pushing it aside we learn to trust it.

shutterstock_409744789Happiness, unconditional love, wisdom and courage all steam from our soul so it is important to allow it to flourish over ego.

While it can be hard to let your ego take a back seat, remember that when you do that your soul will not be harmed the way ego can.

Your life will improve tremendously with even a small amount of soul tapping a day, just a few minutes of meditation and self-love is all you need to get on the path of the soul.

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