6 Common Habits Of Highly Miserable & Unhappy People

Choice. Every day we make a choice to be grateful and happy, or we choose to see the bad in everything and be miserable. No matter what may come our way, we choose how to react and how we allow it to effect us. It’s okay to be sad and unhappy sometimes, but it’s not okay when it becomes a habit.

This state of mind unfortunately does becomes a habit if we allow it. Many times, unhappy people are stuck in that way of life, thriving on the pity and sympathy of others.shutterstock_262888328

When someone is unhappy or just plain miserable it’s pretty hard for them to see the good around them or even see that they are in this negative cycle caused by only themselves.

Instead, they blame, complain and moan at every chance they get.

They are the victim

In every story an unhappy person tells, they are the victim. To them, their lives are too hard to tolerate or control, and that’s everyone else’s fault. They will never accept responsibility for their actions. Feeling helpless doesn’t make things better and subconsciously, unhappy people start to thrive on others pity and sympathy.

They love to complain

shutterstock_333914579Unhappy people love to moan about how terrible their lives are. In fact, almost all they ever do is complain.

All Unhappy people focus on are their problems and the negatives in their lives rather than seeing the good or finding a solution to what they are complaining about.

They Fear criticism

Worrying about what others think is a huge habit of unhappy people. While many of us are concerned, to some degree, about what people think, the unhappy person takes it a step further and goes to any length to shut down critics and they refuse to accept any form of criticism.

They love to gossip

Unhappy people are unsatisfied with their own lives, so the focus on others’ lives and try find fault in them. Saying negative things about others makes the unhappy person feel a false sense of betterment. Happy people don’t have time to talk about other people’s lives and downfalls, they are far too focused on the good in their own.

They love drama


Whenever there’s drama, rest assured the unhappy person will be there.

They want to be a part of it so that they can ensure the drama continues.

They like to add fuel to the fire, exaggerate situations to make things worse and then compare others drama to their own miserable lives so that others can be stuck in an unhappy state of mind with them.

They struggle to trust

Even the most introverted people need friends, we need people to love and to love us. That’s what life is all about! Love! But unhappy people struggle to form bonds and maintain friendships because they fear being hurt, they don’t like when people won’t feel sorry for them or when they disagree with their negative points of view.

When friends and loved ones try show them that life isn’t so bad, they see it as a betrayal and think nobody understands. This means they end up lonely and even more miserable, thinking the world is out to get them.


H/T: Alternet

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