4 Reasons Why It’s Okay When You Lose Friends As You Get Older

Does losing friends sound like a bad thing to you? Have you noticed your friend circle getting smaller? Well it’s time to stop worrying and realize it’s probably a good thing!

Staying connected with friends who don’t really “get” us or share our interests becomes more frequent as we get older, we choose to spend our time with those who we have actual connections with instead. Loyal and genuine friends are hard to come by and we learn to recognize who should stay in our lives and who shouldn’t.

Here are a few things you may be experiencing as you get older and your view of friendship changes, they will help you understand that the “friendship” elimination process is totally natural and normal!

You don’t tolerate insincerity anymoreshutterstock_289271069

As we grow older and wiser, we stop ignoring faults and incompatibilities with the people in our lives, we start to lose patience for insincere and false friends. We learn that “quality over quantity” applies to friendships too.

You’d rather have a genuine and sincere conversation with a good friend rather than put up a front and be with superficial people.

You’ve got less time

shutterstock_234497848With age comes responsibility and lack of time, socializing generally takes a back seat. When this happens, we start to value our free time and realize that wasting it on friends whose company we don’t really enjoy anymore is not an option.

Spending our limited free time with people who we like and who matter is far more important and rewarding.

Your friendships deepened with time

The friends who stuck around through the bad and not only the good have seemed to stay in your life. As we get older the “fare weather friends” start to disappear. Our deeper bonds and connections hold and we stop looking for more as we start to see who our real friends are. And those bonds just keep getting stronger!

shutterstock_379560253You’ve got more experience on your back

We all need a friend to provide support sometimes, and as you grow older you start to see who you can rely on!

This helps you see who’s worth keeping and who isn’t, and it’s more than likely the list of friends who you can really rely on isn’t a very long one!

oLearning the value of interpersonal relations is a life lesson only experience can give you.

H/T: Life Advancer


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