5 Signs You’re Doing A Lot Better in Life Than You Think

Life is full of ups and downs – we need them in order to navigate this world! We would get bored if everything was always smooth sailing. When you’re feeling bad about where you are in life, remember these things:

1. You Have A Roof Over Your Headshutterstock_211654111

It may seem like a sort of birthright, having a place to live; but we forget many people don’t have a place they can call home.

If you can go snuggle up in a warm bed, that is an important thing to appreciate. If there’s ever a day where you just don’t like your life, remind yourself you have a safe place to live.

Gratitude for the simple things in life is what gives us perspective, appreciation and a sense of happiness.

2. You Have Support

shutterstock_211091626 (1)Whether this looks like a friend who is there for you, your mom, teacher or even your pet, someone is there for you! Some of us are put in tough positions where we need to get by in life with absolutely no help.

Experiences like that make you deeply grateful for the people in your life, even when they get on your nerves!

Having a solid support system is fundamental in moving forward with your life smoothly. If you don’t have close people in your life, it’s never too late to meet like minded people!

Start your own family based on love, trust and compassion.

3. You Have Access to Knowledge 

shutterstock_326372171If you’re reading this on a computer or phone, you have unlimited access to almost every form of information. Having access to the internet is incredibly important in a modern world. The internet is so full with information that you could learn almost anything now a days.

Applying the knowledge might take time, practice and focus; but the ability to find it is very easy.

Even if you don’t own any of your own devices, libraries are scattered through cities with books and computers for your brains pleasure. Remind yourself that you have access to information, something not everyone has the privilege to!

4. You Are Aware

shutterstock_351198734Assuming you’ve come to or at least heard of this site before, you’re probably pretty aware! Everyone perceives the world differently, but some of us came here with a very specific purpose.

If you feel like you have a higher calling and you just can’t shake that feeling – your path is something greater.

If you ever feel like you’re not on the right path, consider taking some time to do a deep, reflective meditation to figure out where you should be in life.

Remind yourself when you’re down, that you are smart! You’re an intelligent, awakened being who has the power to do anything when you put the time and focus in.

5. You Are Unique


Everyone is truly special in their own way. If you’re reading this on Spirit Science, that means you are drawn to something different. You have a special purpose, even if you don’t what it is.

Everyone has their own specific talent and way they can help change the world. Take some time to think about your core passions, what makes you really excited and want to spring into action?!

You are a powerful being of motion; remember that when you feel like everything is falling apart. You always have the choice to pick everything back up.

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